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IRIS Elements AML

Onboard new clients your own way

Run AML checks to keep your practice compliant – and get the answers you need for your practice with our customisable ‘Know Your Customer’ checklist. And because it’s part of IRIS Elements cloud platform, it’s all fully remote and linked by one central client list.

IRIS Elements


License pricing is based on the number of clients the customer expects to perform AML duties against.
Checks then cost from £2.50 per check, billed separately.

Number of clients Price*
30 clients £250
70 clients £460
100 clients £522
175 clients £854
250 clients £1057
500 clients £1504
750 clients £1912
1000 clients £2214
1500 clients £2835
2000 clients £3396
3000 clients £4578
*Starting prices when purchased on a 12 month contract.

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Check Cost
UK ID Checks £2.50
International ID Checks £3.75
Credit Screen £3.75
UK Company Report £8.50
Non-UK Company Report £25.00
HR Screen £7.50

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What’s Included

  • AML Dashboard

    Personalise your own home page to see the information that is important to you. Get alerts and reminders about your work and manage your day effectively using our flexible and configurable dashboard widgets:

    • Suspicious activity reports
    • Know your customer (KYC) assessments
    • Risk assessments
    • ID checks
    • Risk profiles.
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)

    • IRIS Elements AML makes it easy for you to alert your Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to any suspicious activity
    • It captures all the details and supporting evidence required to create a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).
  • Know Your Client (KYC) checklist

    • Use our default KYC questions which cover all client types, or create your own checklists
    • View completed KYC assessments from the dashboard or directly in the client record.
  • Risk Assessment

    • Complete a firm-wide risk assessment annually for your business to identify key risk indicators
    • IRIS Elements AML allows you to create and customise your own templates to suit your business and how you work with your clients.
  • Bulk ID Checks

    • Run an individual ID check at the click of a button. Or, run multiple ID checks in the background while you work. It’s that easy.
    • You can quickly set your filters based upon when the ID check is due to expire, the type of entity (prospect, client, contact) and the risk rating of the previous ID check.
    • Monitor the cost of ID checks before you submit, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Secure storage of identity documents

    • Upload and keep copies of client ID documents for easy access and organisation
    • All uploaded documents are scanned for viruses and malware, and are encrypted for security and peace of mind.
  • Notifications

    • IRIS Elements will notify you when action has been taken on key events that you’re interested in.
    • For example, if a Suspicious Activity Report has been raised and requires review, the MLRO is notified and can take the necessary action.
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Effortless client onboarding

With IRIS Elements AML and Proposal Manager, client onboarding is quick, seamless and saves you about 3.5 hours per client. You can carry out AML checks and create proposals in minutes. Once your proposal is accepted, the engagement letter is generated and can be sent out to the client.

Save an additional 2.5 hours per employee per month by adopting IRIS Elements Practice Management. Initiate workflows and assign tasks with ease, and improve client communication with automatic emails and reminders.

  1. IRIS Elements AML

    Check risk profile
    Perform checks

  2. IRIS Elements Proposal Manager

    Create a proposal
    Send engagement letter

  3. Approval

    Prospect accepts proposal

  4. IRIS Elements Practice Management

    Convert to client
    Provision services
    Notify relevant staff
    Initiate workflow

Why choose IRIS Elements AML software

  • icon clock white | IRIS Elements AML

    Save time

    Run bulk ID checks in the background while you work.

  • icon controls | IRIS Elements AML


    Personalise your AML dashboard to suit your work priorities.

  • icon thumbs up | IRIS Elements AML

    Ready to go

    Our out-of-the box KYC questions get you started quickly. You can add your own to suit your business.

  • icon lightbulb | IRIS Elements AML


    We make it easy for you to alert your MLRO, combining all the supporting evidence to create your SAR report.

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IRIS Elements Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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True to an extent, ID checks and AML compliance is done in a similar way to meet regulatory requirements. The difference here is that Elements AML is fully integrated with the IRIS Elements platform which can take you from creating your proposal through to tax filing and accounts all with the same client list.

IRIS Elements AML is a stand-alone product available to buy online however and whenever you want.