Power Accountants reveals secret element that puts them ahead of the curve

With powerful tech behind them, in just three years, Power Accountants has built up a reputation for providing excellent advice and first-class service to their business and personal clients.

Adam Owens FCCA, Founder of Power Accountants, Business and Tax Advisors Limited, has been using IRIS software for over 20 years now, and though he has always had complete trust in the IRIS Accountancy Suite desktop software, he was very excited about IRIS Elements and what it could bring to his practice.

He told us, “I’ve been an accountant for 22 years now, working with a larger practice before starting Power Accountants back in 2020. I’ve always used IRIS software and it’s always supported me as an accountant to build fantastic relationships with clients and remain compliant. When I decided to branch out and start my own business, I did look at the market just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, but in my heart, IRIS Elements was the product I was excited about, and the accountancy solution for our practice.”

IRIS Elements from anywhere

With a team of three, and the ability to access IRIS Elements from anywhere, the team at Power Accountants can work from within the office, from home, or remotely with clients. Adam says, “IRIS Elements is really at the heart of our practice now. It’s one database for all our information, rather than multiple systems for us to update. We’ve removed the risk of error, moving data from one system to another, and we’re all working from the same place - no matter where we’re working from. We don’t have to worry about multiple client records increasing errors and duplication, we share one client record across the practice.”

A powerful service supported by powerful tech Power Accountants pride themselves on providing individualised, customer-focused services with the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in client needs.

Currently using Tax & Accounts, AML, and Practice Management within IRIS Elements, they help find their clients the solutions that add long-term value, whether as a business or individual. In order to provide that first-class service, they need to offer clients a personalised service, something IRIS Elements supports the team with.

Adam tells us, “Our clients are all different and therefore should be treated differently. The way Elements has been built allows us to input information about our clients, their job titles, what stage they’re at, etc. and we can use that information to tailor the service we’re providing.”

IRIS Elements Anti Money Laundering (AML) keeps Power Accountants compliant across all AML obligations, from UK and international ID checks to HR screening. Adam tells us, “We use the templates within AML to help get clients sorted quickly and everything is stored neatly for the purpose of audits, all within the IRIS Elements platform. It’s become a part of our onboarding process for new clients now, using the checklist within the system to ensure nothing is forgotten.” With workflows already in place within the system, accountants can adapt and tweak what’s already available to ensure they’re working in a way that works for them, and their clients. Adam says, “We’re actually using all of the workflows within IRIS Elements, and we’ve simply tweaked them so they work for us. An example is the client take on, we used the workflow in place but have enhanced it so that we can automatically send emails out from within Elements, ensuring we’re consistent and using our time efficiently.”

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The people element

Having used IRIS software for over 20 years now, Adam has seen the team and the software grow and evolve over the years, with IRIS Elements breathing fresh air into the marketplace, with a team who truly wants to support accountants.

Adam tells us, “Having used IAS for a number of years, I know the product is reliable and does what it says it will. Over the years I’ve met several members of the team from IRIS at events and shows and I do believe they really care about supporting the accountancy industry.

One of the best things about IRIS Elements is that it’s constantly evolving. We were one of the first customers to use it and already we’ve seen enhancements and new features, with a new release planned very soon. I’ve fed back to the product team about things that would improve the software for our practice and things have already been implemented as a result.

A great example of this is the recent integration with Xero, which is software a lot of my clients use. That has been such a big improvement for us, we can now say that we have one single source of truth and therefore the client experience is improved.

We’re really excited about the future of IRIS Elements and it’s fantastic to see that customers really are listened to by the team at IRIS.”

The future of Elements

“When we first saw IRIS Elements we were excited to see some fresh, innovative technology that was going to help us deliver a proactive service to our clients,” Adam tells us. “Since we’ve been using it, the team has regularly communicated with us, they’ve set up an ideas portal so that we can feed things back, that’s a great community for other IRIS Elements users to help each other out as well. I’ve raised questions that other accountants have answered for me and vice versa. The product really is doing what we hoped it would and the product experts behind it are doing a fantastic job.”

With lots of accountancy software out there, it can be daunting to know whether IRIS Elements could be the right fit for you.

Adam says, “For me, keeping our tech stack to a minimum and having just one system to update was really important. Even if you’re using multiple systems that integrate, there’s still a risk, which we’ve removed completely by using IRIS Elements.

“We want to offer our clients the best service, and we use the best software to support us to do so, IRIS Elements.”

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