IRIS Analytics for Schools

Get a clear and precise view of your school or trust’s financial data. IRIS Analytics helps with budget modelling and management and monitoring of expenditure.

  • Ease administrative burdens and free up staff time
  • Model different budget scenarios
  • Gain insights into your financial management

IRIS Analytics: streamline and simplify your management processes

Many schools and MATs struggle with the sheer weight of financial administration, repetitive (often manual) tasks, and trying to consolidate information to get a clear picture of what’s going on in their organisation.

IRIS Analytics for schools and MATs alleviates admin burdens and takes all of this away, streamlining, simplifying, and automating management processes so that you can make better use of your precious time. Having a clear and precise view of your school or trust’s data can make your decision-making process intelligent and effective. Being able to model different scenarios, while maintaining the integrity of the original data, gives you useful insights into your choices.

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  • Quick and simple reporting Save hours of time and effort spent on researching and compiling complex reports.
  • Graphs and visualisations Transform complex data into simple graphs, charts, and visualisations, allowing for easy scenario modelling.
  • Third party integration Works seamlessly with IRIS software and pulls in real-time data from third-party finance, HR, payroll, and MIS systems.
  • Simple self-service The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to complex reports and data.

What are the benefits of IRIS Analytics?


Combine, view, analyse, and test your data in ways that provide actionable insight


Speed up financial decision-making with all the information you need at your fingertips


Identify the impact of extending, shortening, or changing your school or trust’s financial strategy


Easily retrieve and consolidate required compliance data


Calculate the true cost of expenditure and individual initiatives and compare costs and outcomes across your school or trust


Compare costs and outcomes across your school or trust


Assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies to put new plans into action


Save hours spent on researching and compiling reports


Quickly combine data from multiple sources, without impacting the original source


Transform complex data into simple graphs, charts and visualisations, allowing for easy scenario modelling

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Want to make smarter financial decisions with IRIS Analytics?

Smarter Schools Guide

Smarter Schools Guide

IRIS Education helps to connect people with data, creating intelligent insights that help educators make better decisions and deliver smarter outcomes for pupils.

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