Industry-leading software for large UK businesses

Our large business software helps to bring your business greater success, higher productivity, increased efficiency, and total compliance.
We solve your HR, finance, payroll, and IT challenges, enabling you to focus on the bigger picture.


Trusted by over 120,000 organisations, from FTSE100 companies to micro-businesses

The right software can ease your biggest operational challenges – simplifying complex tasks and automating repetitive ones. Whether you’re a business filing its company accounts, or a school communicating with parents and taking payments for school trips, we help improve productivity, compliance and engagement.  

Software for large and medium-sized businesses

  • IRIS Financials

    IRIS Financials (formerly PS Financials) is an industry-leading unified ledger system. Always in balance and with no need to reconcile separate ledgers, our integrated financial management software empowers staff to take greater control of finances with powerful reporting, automation, and ease of use.

    • Take back hours spent manually copying data between ledgers
    • Keep your data in a single location, making reporting a breeze
    • Reduce period end work and automate complex tasks.

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  • IRIS Cascade

    As your business grows, so does your workforce and the HR challenges you face. Our modular software, IRIS Cascade (formerly Cascade HR) is perfect for organisations ranging from 250 to 10,000 employees who want to simplify their human resources processes.

    • Maintain sensitive employee data in a secure environment
    • Confidently meet reporting requirements with ease
    • Build your own queries, dashboards and enhanced reports.

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  • IRIS Fully Managed Payroll

    With over 40 years of experience in running payroll, we created an all-encompassing, pain-free payroll outsourcing service that has no hidden costs. So, if payroll isn’t for you, don’t worry, our team of experts are always ready to help.

    • Save time and resources by removing payroll tasks you don’t love performing
    • We handle all your legislative responsibilities, ensuring you have peace of mind
    • No need to worry about rules, technology or setup fees.

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  • IRIS Payrite

    With an unprecedented 40 years of development, IRIS Payrite can meet the needs of the most demanding customer, no matter how left field. Our tried and tested implementation process with training also allows the user to be in control. It is the popular choice for public sector organisations, and large commercial/retail enterprises.

    • Utilise a modular system to ensure you’re only paying for what you need
    • Multi-company and multi-payroll with unlimited employees
    • Interface capability to receive/send data from HR, attendance and finance packages.

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  • IRIS Hosting

    IRIS Hosting is a secure, cost-effective, managed service solution for all your IT management needs. IRIS Hosting allows for cloud accounting software (also known as web-based accounting software) and provides you with the freedom to work from anywhere remotely via the internet, helping to boost efficiency.

    • Reliable, secure and cost-effective IT management with 24/7 support
    • Focus on your core business by letting IRIS do the heavy IT lifting
    • Access your key IRIS, Microsoft and third-party applications from anywhere.

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  • IRIS Assets

    Asset management and compliance made easy. Centrally manage and track your organisation’s assets and statutory compliance across single or multiple locations, and access this data from anywhere and on any device. It works hand in hand with the rest of the IRIS Financials suite (formerly PS Financials), so all your data is in one place.

    • Meet statutory obligations throughout your organisation
    • Sync asset data in real-time across all locations
    • Eliminate manual processes and enjoy flexible reporting.

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  • Strengthen your financial position

    An important goal of every business should be to improve your financial position, and by utilising IRIS software for large companies, you can ensure your business achieves it.

    • Gain total financial control with our unified ledger technology
    • Automate the creation of legislatively compliant final accounts and corporation tax returns.
    • Centralise your lease portfolio and all related data in one place.
  • Gain a competitive advantage

    With the economic landscape becoming increasingly uncertain, it’s crucial that large businesses are able to gain a competitive advantage wherever possible.

    • Cut out unnecessary, time-consuming manual data entry tasks with automation
    • Quickly see and analyse an array of information to make critical decisions for the best possible efficiency
    • Take away the strain, time, and cost of compliance by outsourcing payroll through our managed payroll service.
  • Build an engaged workforce

    People are at the heart of every business, especially large organisations, and to ensure a happy and productive workforce, you must actively focus on employee support and engagement.

    • Empower your employees to take control of their own HR administration and personal data with self-service apps, saving both employees and HR staff valuable time
    • Engage and update your staff throughout the business using our communications platform, with built-in surveys and multi-channel communications
    • Provide stakeholders with easy access to budgets and clear, accurate financial data, so you can make informed financial decisions.
  • Create a smarter business

    By optimising processes and utilising technology to its full potential, you can create a smarter and more efficient business.

    • Gain easy, effective monitoring of your assets
    • Ensure your large business is always up to date with the latest government legislation by using integrated payroll and HR software
    • Simplify your access to buildings, resources and payments with our biometric technology including ID and card manager technology.
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Why choose IRIS Software for large businesses?

  • Get payroll right every time

    Large businesses face a multitude of payroll difficulties, but our payroll software for large companies ensures that staff are always paid on time, real-time data is available, and IT problems are a challenge of the past.

    Large business accounting

  • Optimise your people processes

    Eliminate your HR headaches, keep your workforce engaged and ensure compliance with ever-changing legislation by utilising a range of IRIS solutions, including HR software for large companies.

    Large business HR

  • Make finance simple

    Help your finance department contend with numerous critical tasks by generating accurate unaudited or audited accounts, syncing real-time data, and customising your reports.

    Large business payroll

  • Minimise the IT burden

    IT departments are tasked with a lot of responsibilities in larger businesses; IRIS is here to help by eliminating capital expenditure and reducing maintenance costs, all whilst improving security and streamlining processes.

    IRIS Hosting