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Smarter. Smoother.

Smarter than your average MIS, IRIS Ed:gen is designed to make running your school effortless and effective.

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One powerful system, for all

Disparate data and multiple, disjointed systems and processes are a breeding ground for inefficiency. Easy-to-use, IRIS Ed:gen transcends the back office, empowering all staff to excel in their roles with access to the same, accurate, and up-to-date data.

Consolidated workflows

Time is a precious commodity in schools and one that’s unnecessarily consumed by manual ways of working. IRIS Ed:gen streamlines and speeds-up infinite tasks by consolidating workflows, typically performed manually or within multiple disjointed systems, to save time and resource and reduce financial overheads.

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Key Benefits

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Smart analytics

With IRIS Ed:gen, enjoy automated, real-time, accurate reporting across limitless KPIs and drill down by class group, year, subject, and pupil level. Plus, role based dashboards save time and show key information in just one click.

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Control permissions

To ensure staff only have access to the information they need and are authorised to view, we make it easy for you to manage and control access with simple to set-up, customisable permissions. Tailor access by module or set access levels based on role.

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Enhanced security

Robust data security comes as standard with IRIS Ed:gen, along with seamless links with Microsoft and Google, single sign on and two factor authentication. And with cloud-based access, not only can you work anytime from anywhere, the inconvenience of multiple logins and disruptive manual system updates are a thing of the past.

One system, supporting multiple roles and responsibilities

The remit of school support staff and administrative personnel is vast. It’s also common for school staff to straddle multiple roles and responsibilities – jumping from one remit to another throughout the working day.

Using one system to complete tasks for one role, and a separate system to complete tasks for another zaps time and, let’s face it, can be incredibly frustrating.

IRIS Ed:gen offers one system capable of making light work of all tasks under all remits.


Exam Officer

Exam season is stressful enough without adding time intensive processes and manual workflows to the mix. IRIS Ed:gen supports smoother exam seasons, empowering exam officers to effortlessly schedule exams, issue timetables, and communicate results in a single, intuitive system that’s linked with all pupil data.

Designated Safeguard Lead

Protecting every child in today’s climate can be a challenge. That’s why DSLs need powerful safeguarding tools at their disposal to ensure no child slips through the net.  IRIS Ed:gen provides the most comprehensive view of all pupil data. DSLs can easily create automated alerts that proactively identify potential issues, enabling timely intervention.


IRIS Ed:gen helps SENDCOs to better meet the individual needs of each child, while minimising the associated administration – from supporting special school curriculums to planning the medical needs of specific students. And when SENDCOs add a child’s special requirements to one area of IRIS Ed:gen, it will automatically cascade throughout the system, guaranteeing that a child’s precise needs are appropriately catered for at each school touchpoint.

Admissions Manager

Managing admissions is a multi-faceted, and at certain times of the year, intense role. IRIS Ed:gen makes it easy by creating a seamless admissions process – from registering for open days to enrolling new intake and keeping parents and students updated and engaged throughout. An admission manager’s dream, the MIS can even be used to run and measure the performance and conversion rate of marketing campaigns.

Stars | IRIS Ed:gen for Admin Staff

“Ed:gen and Central have revolutionised the way data and insights are used within our trust, and we’re really excited about what else we’re going to be able to do over the next few years.”

David Houghton

COO at Kernow Learning

Take the pressure off time and budgets by streamlining school management with a single, cloud-based platform to manage all aspects of school life, from exams and marking to staff cover, scheduling, student tracking and more. Daily dashboards mean you don’t need to source key information from staff, instead they are available at the click of a button.

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Your MIS needs to be scalable and work seamlessly across all schools. With IRIS Ed:gen, trust management can gain single view access to accurate, real-time, trust-wide data in a flash; any time, anywhere.

Get ready to understand progress against KPIs in an instant, identify trends and drill down to uncover the story behind the headlines, develop faster and more effective decision making, and spread best practice across all schools in your MAT.

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IRIS Ed:gen frees up teachers to do what they do best: teach. By helping teachers to manage every aspect of the school day quicker and easier, from taking the register and managing student information to communicating with staff and students and writing reports, IRIS Ed:gen saves hours of unnecessary admin, while optimising processes.

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In the fast-paced, demanding world of education, time is a precious commodity. IRIS Ed:gen gives school staff their valuable time back, along with the opportunity to excel in their roles, and promote better outcomes for students.

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IRIS Ed:gen is the next generation MIS platform, designed to provide MATs with the instant insight they need to optimise trust operations and supercharge performance and growth.

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Unparalleled functionality at your fingertips

IRIS Ed:gen is a game changer in school management information systems; supporting back office staff, teachers, school senior leadership teams, and trust management to work smarter. Not harder.

The modular design – incorporating more than 40 modules as standard – combined with seamless integration, delivers unparalleled functionality and a future-fit MIS capable of meeting your evolving needs.

General School

School Manager

DSAR Manager

Admissions Manager

Pupil Manager

Pupil Profiles

Attendance Manager

Census Manager


Custom Reporting

Cover Manager (S)

Staff Manager

Export to Excel


Parental Engagement

Parent Portal

Student Portal

Staff Portal

Email and SMS

Calendar Manager

Communication Workflows

Daily Bulletin Manager

News Manager

Teaching, Learning & Assessment 

Teacher App

Rewards and Conduct Manager

Teaching Manager


Curriculum Manager

Training Manager

Exam Manager (S)

Detention Manager

Pupil Reports Manager

Exclusion Manager

Timetable Manager 

Safeguarding & Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and Safeguarding Manager

Medical Centre

SEN Management

Pupil Lists

Trust Wide Reporting

Student Centred Analytics

Staff & HR Analytics

Assessment, Progress & Attainment

Financial Analytics

Cashless Catering Analytics

40+ Pre Configured Dashboards

Build Your Own Dashboards and Reports

Drill Down Capabilities

Why IRIS Education?

IRIS Education is committed to supporting MATs to improve productivity and performance and empower each student to reach their unique potential for success with our next generation EdTech solutions. .

From pupil and parent engagement platforms to cashless catering apps, HR, finance, and school management information systems, our software supports MATs to optimise processes and drive continuous improvement across their schools.

Processing over

£15 million

of payments a month for schools and trusts across the UK


4 million

families to connect with their children’s schools


300 million

messages between schools and parents every year

Providing over


schools and two-thirds of UK MATs with the cornerstone of efficient operations


Next generation MIS resources

To learn more about the benefits of switching to our powerful, cloud-based school management information system, take a look at our library of MIS resources.

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