Changing your MIS – it may be easier than you think

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Edgen change management slide Max Quality 2 | Changing your MIS – it may be easier than you think

We understand that changing your MIS is a big decision, but change is necessary in order to progress.

Change can be daunting, but what if changing your MIS was positive? What if migration was smooth and the system was easy to use? What if a new MIS gave your school or trust better tools to improve workload and pupil outcomes?

IRIS Ed:gen is a modern cloud based MIS, which means you could be up and running with your new MIS in as little as a week. And with IRIS on hand to support, we are confident that changing your MIS is simpler than you might think.

So, before you commit to a new long-term contract, explore your options. IRIS Ed:gen has everything you expect and already have in your MIS… plus so much more.

Join our webinar to see:

  • why schools love Ed:gen
  • the power of having real time data at your fingertips
  • the steps involved in migrating to your new MIS.

Watch our webinar here.


Nicholas Clark – Senior Product Manager, IRIS Ed:gen

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