Education payroll: Should you go in-house or outsource?

Your FREE guide to education payroll: in-house vs outsourcing

A lot is changing in the education landscape – and that has major repercussions for how schools and Multi Academy Trusts handle payroll.

We all know schools are consolidating into MATs to meet ambitious UK Government targets. But while that’s happening, many maintained schools are being told by their local authority that processing staff pay for them is no longer cost-effective.

In both circumstances, the responsibility of payroll is put back in the hands of school and Trust leaders.

An important decision has to be made

As education leaders take up the mantle of this mission-critical task, many are asking: should they go in-house or outsource their payroll?

It’s not an easy question to answer; education payroll has to be right first time, every time.

Our guide begins by illustrating the full scope of the education sector’s payroll challenge. From there, we discuss the role of professional payroll outsourcing and explore what going in-house looks like for schools and trusts.

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