Introducing IRIS Cascade HRi

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By Natasha Standen | 3rd March 2021 | 2 min read

The balance between ensuring the smooth-running of your business, whilst also winning at your job and continuing to collectively push your strategic HR agenda can be a difficult one to achieve. At IRIS, we believe in continuously approving and adapting our products based on customer feedback, ensuring that our solutions can support you to continue to work to the very best of your ability.  The result? Introducing IRIS Cascade HRi!

Helping ambitious HR teams to strike the perfect balance  

IRIS Cascade HRi is the intelligent system that offers switched-on HR teams infinite possibilities! Introducing IRIS Cascade HRi has allowed us to revamp the system you may already know and love to give it a brand-new look and feel. Our revolutionary slick, user-friendly interface makes system navigation a breeze for HR professionals at all levels. 

Monthly interactions with our IRIS Cascade HRi knowledgeable account management team will provide guidance and advice on how to get the very best from your HR system. Your team can ensure that they are improving the efficiency and workflow of your department, whilst simultaneously delivering for the business, their manager and your wider team.   

The benefits of IRIS Cascade HRi

Our new look system features a slick, user-friendly interface which is intuitive to use, making system navigation a breeze, and the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Intelligent – Cutting-edge HR adaption to improve efficiency and workflow. Our flexible, easy to use and customisable workflows allow your team to self-serve, tailoring software to proactively adapt to everyday situations and perform core duties brilliantly.   
  • Inspirational – Digital-first employee engagement. Your employees can easily request and change holidays, view payslips, and maintain key information, whilst your ambitious HR colleagues start to shine as a team by using an intelligent, career-building piece of software.  
  • Informative - On-hand IRIS Cascade HRi consultants. Our industry experts are on hand every month to provide knowledge, guidance and advice on utilising the system to the best of your abilities, allowing you continue with making a significant strategic impact, delivering real results for your business.  
  • Intuitive - One single database for HR through to payroll. It provides one source of truth for you and your team. Unparalleled reporting means greater insights for better HR strategies, data changes in real-time, and seamless HR and payroll integration to eliminate the chance of human error. 
  • Incisive - Compliance made easy. With flexible tools and modules, your HR team can tailor workflows to meet the needs of the business, whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance with GDPR data security and government reporting legislation. 

IRIS Cascade HRi allows you to respond to the ever changing remote, digital and flexible nature of your workforce. By creating an HR software solution that’s the perfect fit for your business, you can boost employee engagement and improve positive communication for your staff.  

Look forward to working intelligently.  Doing the very best, not only for your business, but for your team too. 

Interested in getting the most out of your HR system and discovering what IRIS Cascade HRi could do for your HR team? Click here for more.