IRIS Cascade HRi Recruitment Software

For those mid-sized to enterprise-level organisations looking to optimise their recruitment initiative, we can help. The fully integrated recruitment software from Networx guarantees a smooth process reducing time to hire, ensuring you don’t miss out on the best applicants.

Easy-to-use recruitment software to improve applicant tracking and recruitment

IRIS Cascade HRi and Networx Recruitment optimises the recruitment processes from advertising through to appointment, providing the perfect platform from which to secure the highest calibre candidates.

With two options to choose from, add Networx Lite to your standard IRIS Cascade HRi subscription to get the basics, or select the full Networx solution for a more comprehensive offering.


Optimise the recruitment process

Ensure your team is sourcing the best possible talent to drive your organisation forward.

  • Streamline recruitment processes, enabling you to do more with your day
  • Create more efficient steps to save you time and resources
  • By simplifying your recruitment process, managers are able to support and offer greater input
Enhanced Productivity

Manage the applicant journey

Manage the Applicant Journey

Create a seamless journey for all potential new employees, painting your organisation in the best possible light.

  • Ensure each step of the recruitment process is aligned with your business objectives
  • Use the applicant tracking feature as your virtual administrator
  • Hiring managers can indicate interest in a candidate with just one click, sending email interview invites quickly and easily

Increased visibility of vacancies

Create one unified area for all vacancies, ensuring both employees and potential candidates understand the roles on offer.

  • One easy to access place for all your business vacancies
  • Allow current employees and external candidates to view job opportunities
  • Create impactful and enticing job ads in a few clicks
Increase the Visibility of Internal and External Vacancies

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Why choose IRIS?

Easily record recruitment costs

Compile all the costs for talent acquisition using this powerful back-office solution, enabling you to further improve processes.

Simplified functionality

Provide managers with a simple-to-use tool that enables them to have greater input when making hiring decisions, saving your HR team a significant amount of time.

Added visibility

By tracking the progress of each applicant, you have far greater visibility of your open job roles, helping you make faster and more strategic decisions.

Ensure you hire the best

Set up additional screens in the recruitment process to rule out any unqualified candidates, ensuring your picking from the best group of applicants.

With Cascade, I have utmost peace of mind that everything is being handled properly, professionally and with SBHG’s best interests at heart.
Katie Olivier, HR Business Partner, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Feature list



  • Create and control your company’s recruitment process

    Exceed your recruitment objectives, and streamline your recruitment processes, resulting in a more efficient recruitment process

  • Manage your applicants’ journey through the application process

    Ensure each step of the process is aligned with your business objectives using application tracking within the recruitment module as your virtual administrator

  • Record all your recruitment costs for a vacancy

    Easily compile all the costs for talent acquisition using this powerful back-office solution

  • Send email interview invites quickly

    With just one click hiring managers can indicate interest in candidates and invite them for interviews, so you don’t miss out on the best talent

  • Post internal and external vacancies

    Provide one easy to access place for all your business vacancies and allow both current employees and future candidates to view job opportunities

  • Advertise all your job vacancies in a variety of places

    Link up with online job boards to submit adverts with a single click

  • Tailor-made solution

    Full flexibility to meet the specific recruitment needs of your organisation

  • Mobile-friendly careers page

    Provide access to your vacancies on our mobile-friendly careers page and allow prospects to apply from their mobile device

  • Interview management

    Shortlist your candidates and schedule/invite candidates to interview

  • Reporting

    Suite of reports to provide visibility and allow you to monitor the efficiency of your recruitment

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