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PCSR - How to do a global share reorganisation using the Share Reorganisation wizard

Please note this method is only applicable where the same reorganisation rule applies to all members holding shares of a particular type.  There is a separate KB…


PCSR - Comms log error (Receive Authority2File) The requested connection could not be opened

This error means there is a problem connecting to the dedicated email address used for Authority2File (getting e-approval from clients prior to submission).  The most…


PCSR - Is it possible to edit the Minutes template

This can be done via File > Subscription Details & Preferences > Global Preferences > Customise Minutes Wizards.


PCSR - Comms Log error 9999 Error Description: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference

Companies House would need to clear these to prevent the error from reoccurring.  They would need details of the Presenter ID in order to investigate.


PCSR - Dividend Vouchers - There is no information for this report nothing will be printed

The software will go through the chronological share transaction history for each member to assess which members held this particular type of share on the proposed…


How to add a Job Booking on Staff Planning

To add a booking on Staff Planning which is linked to a job please follow the steps below: Open Staff Planning Go to the Job…


PCSR - Filing PSC details

1.  Open the PCSR software 2.  Open the relevant company record       3.  Select the PSCs tab       4.  Open the relevant PSC record       5.  Select the Forms/Reports button       6.  Select the…


IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business

Hourly Rates Rounding Issue v2.23.91

Please update to v2.23.97 to correct this issue. see for downloads


How to Import Receipts via CSV in IRIS Fees

Importing Receipts via CSV is a much more efficient way of posting receipts in bulk into a clients account. In order to do this the…


Lay-offs, short-time working and Statutory guarantee payments

This information is provided by and is the standard information for employers. Legislation may be ammended as a result of Covid-19. We will update…