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Electronic Checks in IRIS AML

Electronic checks are supplied by a third party company and have a charge associated for each check. This company is called 'GB Group PLC'. To…


Trying to find a tax tags for Automail

The easiest way to determine what values the tags represent, is to find a client where you know what each of the figures are already…


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Assumed Pensionable Pay

On pay variations, you will see the field "Assumed Pensionable Pay" underneath "Salary". Assumed Pensionable Pay is required by some employers to calculate employer pension…


IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business

Changing an employees NI rate - Business / Bureau

You may find you need to change an employee NI rate part-way through the tax year. Most commonly this is because an employee has reached…


How do I setup my own custom AutoMail templates?

When you create your own bespoke AutoMail templates you may have some contents that are the same in all of your letters. For example: –…


How can I insert tags into an AutoMail word template?

Select the tags in the Tag Selection Screen:The Tag Selection screen opens at the same time as the Word document template. At this point both…


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Activating Employment Allowance

To activate employment allowance go to "Company" > "Company Details" > "HMRC" and tick the option to activate Employment Allowance. The "maximum employment allowance" value…


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Error Printing: File not found

The .rdlc file that provides the report instructions is missing or damaged. We need to reinstall a fresh copy from the library: Go to "Reports"…



Employment Allowance in PAYE-Master

To activate employment allowance go to "Pay" > "Employment Allowance": Set the option for employment allowance here to "Yes". The values for amount remaining for…


How to set OpenSpace up to receive notifications from all/specific clients

There are settings for individual user’s in OpenSpace to receive notifications from ‘ALL’ or certain clients. To check to make sure you should be receiving…