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PTP TR - UKP (FHL) Cost of services is being mapped to the wrong box

The workaround is to include the value in the ‘Repairs and maintenance’ data entry field on the FHL schedule.  This will be fixed in a…


PTP TRU - Error 13 Type Mismatch when accessing the Capital Gains data entry schedule

There is currently no workaround for this issue.  It will be fixed in the next release.


PTP TR - Problem with import from Relate Accounts Production via clipboard

This message is occurring because of a blank line at the bottom of the data which has been exported.  The workaround is to paste the…


PTP VF - The underlying provider failed on Open

The underlying provider failed on Open. Inner exception: unable to open database file. This message is coming up if the database path is a UNC…


PTP CT - Pre filing validations 9188, 9195, 9198 if preparing more than one return at a time

The current workaround is to process one return at a time through FBI.


PTP TR - Data entered for Interest/Dividends not populating the summary screen immediately

The workaround was to tab out of the Amount box after entering the figure.  This has been fixed in version 19.2148.


PTP TE - Unable to file a P46(car) with fuel type F

This has been corrected in version 19.2142.


PTP TR - UK Property losses b/fwd used in year triggering pre filing validations 8440 and 8266

Error code: 8440, Type: businessThe amount in box 14 on page UKP1 exceeds box 13 on page UKP1 Please check. Error code: 8266, Type: businessThe…


PTP TR - UK property schedule not printing for b/fwd properties

This will be fixed in the next release.


PTP TR - FTCR and income over £150000

The current workaround is to overwrite the Calculated value using the Edit option.