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Personal Tax Figures are Not Showing In Data Mining

In order for Tax figures to show within Data Mining they must be finalised within Personal Tax. In order to…


IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production

Prepayments and accrued income on balance sheet

Post to nominal code 687


Statement of Corporate Governance Arrangements showing heading with no narrative

This has been raised with the development team who have classed this as a software defect found in IRIS version…


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Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object

Any error of this nature indicates that one or more components of your software are not working or registered correctly…


When running the Confirmation statement dates report the CS01 next due date is currently blank. This is a software issue…


This is a software defect found in version 20.1 by the development team. This will be fixed in a service…


IRIS Company Secretarial

In Company Secretarial How do I find the reason for rejection from Companies House

Go to Reports on top of the toolbar |Select Company forms| Choose the form you would like to query |…


IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production

Where do I enter Voting Rights/Prescribed particulars in Formations/Secretarial

Edit| Share Register | Share Types |View |Rights| Enter Rights into the first two boxes | save.


IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production

Error: 3312 Description of Principal Activities is missing

When accounting standard is FRS105 Change posting entry to FRS 102: Posting | Post File Maintenance | Entries| Select posting…


IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production

Error: BL2 Option not suitable for first year adoption

In Accounts Production go to Edit on the top toolbar | Data Screens | Click on FRS 102 – options…