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Business Tax is not displaying the correct menu options for certain Partnerships/Sole Trades

Resolution: This is an issue on version 19.3.2, to access the partnership and sole trade follow the steps below:- Log into Business Tax Select the…


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National Living Wage

Earnie National and Minimum Living Wage Warnings A warning has been added to Pay Rates which will display when saving changes to Employee Details and…


PTP TR - Excluded income not being given for non resident when MCA claim is present

Where the S811 calculation would be more beneficial then the MCA claim can be removed (it is ignored when the non-resident calculation applies) and reference…


PTP PTR - Pre filing validation 6972 where property profit reduced to nil by expenses

Error code: 6972, Type business There is an entry in [1.24] or [1.31]. Please complete box [1.32]. There is currently no workaround for this issue…


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Christmas 2019 Opening Hours

Our support teams will be available during the following times over the Christmas period: 23rd December – 09.00 – 17:0024th December – 09.00 – 15:0025th…


When a customer accesses a document from OpenSpace link in an e-mail they get the message 'access denied'

Below is the error message; Access Denied This happens when the client has pre-saved OpenSpace credentials in the Web Browser, so when they click the…


Cannot use OpenSpace - Account Disabled

'Account Disabled - Your account has been disabled, you will not be able to upload or download documents until this is resolved. Please contact our…


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IAS-1969 IRIS Startup failure guide

When opening IRIS users may encounter IRIS Startup Failure with the following error message: "SQL Server does not exist or access is denied" This is…


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I have received an underpayment notification from HMRC - Payroll Business / Bureau Payroll

HMRC haven't received RTI submissions for the PAYE scheme and have estimated an amount due If you have a period of a whole tax month…


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How to process Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

SSP can be paid manually to any employee, if you can calculate the value of the payment you would like to make you can type…