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Personal Tax: SEISS is being split/apportioned between years?

HMRC states that the SEISS grants must be reported in the Tax year they are claimed. However, in these instances…


Personal Tax: Lock down Tax year OR 'This years tax matters have already been cleared up for this client'

Once you have submitted a SA100 to HMRC you want to 'lock down' a tax year to stop users from…


Business Tax: Box 865 Repayment of Corporation tax

How to fill in 865: Data Entry, Calculation, Tax Reconciliation, Enter figure in box 595, which fills in 605 and…


Trust Tax: Print Form 50FS (Non Residents)

Load the client and relevant yearOn the left side of Trust TaxTrustTerms of TrustNon resident trust detailsTick 'Trustees are not…


BT, PT, TT and P11D: Options/buttons at bottom are being cut off/hidden

This a is known issue caused by your PC/Laptop 'display' settings and the 'DPI' settings as IRIS works on certain…


Personal Tax: Amount in box SSE10.1 must be less or equal to sum of SA103s net profit/SA103s Net loss etc

HMRC rule - The reason that the error is appearing is because the 'trading allowance' amount must be restricted to…


Trust Tax: R185 form Statement of income (Trust, Estates, Beneficiary)

The R185(Settlor form) can only be accessed from HMRC. Load the client and select relevant tax yearPrint reports , R185…


IRIS 21.3.0 - Staff Planning Filter Displays Random Characters

Since upgrading to version of IRIS Accountancy Suite when in Staff Planning | Practice Planner | Filter By any…


Business Tax: How to attach PDF of a IXBRL/Tax comp when generating CT600?

You have a reason to attach a PDF copy of the Accounts IXBRL copy or a PDF of the Tax…


Personal Tax: How to use E-Checklists with clients

E-Checklists provide a quick and easy way for you to deliver the necessary information, allowing your accountant to complete your…