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IRIS AML- Flash Player Required for Bribery & Anti-Money Laundering Training

We have been made aware of an issue on the Anti-Money Laundering Desktop version where training modules "Bribery Act" and…


Personal Tax: How to carry back EIS Share loss to previous year?

To carry back a EIS share loss Load the client and the relevant year of lossEdit, Capital assets, you have…


Business Tax: How to Carry back a loss up to 3 years for LTD?

Load the client and ensure you are on the year of the lossGo to Edit in the top left hand…


Personal Tax: How to tick YES on Box 9 Page TR2 Additional Information?

Additional Information Box 9 on page TR2 is only automatically ticked 'YES' if there are entries for Married couple allowance,…


Personal Tax: How to Transfer Marriage Allowance

Load the client who is transferring the allowance from (i.e partner giving away their allowance). If it’s a non client…


Personal Tax: Enter High Income Child Benefit Charge

Load the client in PTReliefsMiscellaneousHigh Income Child Benefit charge


Accounts to Business/Personal Tax: Linking Code 96 to SEISS box 70.1

Code 96 is currently related to a form of other income, so therefore when refreshing into Personal Tax – it…


PTP TE - Incorrect validation for Assets placed at the employee's disposal and available for part of the year

If there is more than one transaction of this type, then amalgamate the 'cash equivalent' values into a single entry. …


PTP CT - Cars 1-50g/km & >51g/km not being included in the iXBRL Capital Allowances schedule

These assets are included in the PDF schedules which can be generated and attached to the submission if required.  This…


PTP TRU - Transferring losses to a beneficiary

The proposed workaround is to edit the b/fwd loss value by the amount utilised in the year so that the…