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Business/Personal Tax submitted- HMRC confirmation receipt and email and IR Mark

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Business/Personal Tax submitted- HMRC confirmation receipt and email and IR Mark

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28th November 2023


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax


IRIS Business/Personal Tax submitted- HMRC confirmation receipt and email and IR Mark


When you have succesfully submitted a CT600/SA100 you should receive two items back – the Receipt and the HMRC email confirmation. The tax return may also have been successfully received by HMRC but you have not received their email.

Receipt: This should appear on screen after your submission. You can keep a copy if you need evidence it was submitted.

HMRC email confirmation: Once submitted, HMRC will email you on they have received the tax return (if you have your email address saved in IRIS).

IR Mark: The ‘IR Mark’ is only created when you generate the Tax return (click ‘Internet return’ and proceed with it) and is a unique internal reference code for this one tax return, for your use as the Accountant. It appears on the top right of the TR (It is not created when its submitted). HMRC do not use this IR Mark for their own online submission systems.

1.This email confirmation is sent from HMRC and dependent on their services, it could be sent quite soon or later (for example: if a busy period then the email may take longer to be sent out). Note that IRIS cannot block these emails as HMRC emails are sent directly to your email address (unless your emails/outlook are also hosted by IRIS etc), please read the checks below:

2. HMRC emails are sent to your email stored in IRIS here: Log into IRIS as MASTER, load PT/BT, load any client , Setup, Practice options, Tax options and check all the tabs for your ‘Return e-mail address’.


I haven’t received the HMRC email confirmation for a client(s):

If if affects just one client but other have been sent successfully then go through all the steps below. If ALL clients are affected and you tried all the steps below but still no email, then its more likely there is still a Email settings issue on your side OR a HMRC issue.

a) Load the affected client- Client, View and Accountant- make sure its sent to AGENT. If set to Branch or Alternative, then it may have different credentials/email. For example: If the client below was set to Alternative, click the mag glass, highlight that alternative, VIEW, Tax options and check every tab for the email address. You decide to change the email here or switch to AGENT (We recommend to speak to your team first).


b) Whether its set to Agent/Alternative/Branch: Check your email (Setup, Practice options, Tax options) if its correct, delete the email and type it back in (do not copy and paste it in, as it may contain empty ‘spaces’, these spaces count as a digit and may not be recognised as a valid email). Regenerate as Amended and submit again..

If you have already followed the steps above but still no email, then it can be these causes:

  1. HMRC technical issues when sending emails causing delays – it may arrive later on.
  2. Blocked by your email systems- contact your IT team to check security, firewalls and allow permission for the HMRC email to be received. If its provided by a 3rd party email service eg yahoo, hotmail, google etc, then you would need to manually check the email settings. We cannot advise further on this as each of these emails service has their own different settings. A list of possible HMRC links here.
  3. If you have waited and still no HMRC email, then contact HMRC Support (we can only advise the steps above). If you have the 1st receipt and you have the submitted status on the Transmit Screen then its proof it was submitted to HMRC. If HMRC state they have records of a email being sent to your email then it will not involve IRIS, as IRIS will not block any emails being received. The HMRC emails go directly to your email address (unless your email/outlook are IRIS Hosted).
  4. If you have the 1st receipt but the status is not ‘submitted’ – eg pending/queried /empty etc then contact HMRC as it could have been sent but it did not trigger the relevant ‘submitted’ status back into IRIS PT/BT. If its a busy submitting period eg end of Jan then there can be issues like this.
  5. If you have no receipt and no email and the status is pending/queried /empty then read the KB LINK.
  6. Try using a different email – if that new email still doesn’t work then it could be a HMRC issue.

IR Mark on the Tax return – The ‘IR Mark’ is created when you generate the Tax return (its not created when its submitted) and is unique reference code to the one tax return. When you view the Tax return you can see the IR mark on top right and you should keep a copy of it. When you generate or transmit the Tax Return to HMRC, you can also view this IR Mark. On the Transmit screen, click on the relevant row, right click it, go to Properties and a screen will appear to show the IR Mark etc. Note: If you use the ‘Reset Status’ option it will remove the Status and transmit dates BUT it will still keep the IR Mark and generated date. If you regenerate another return then will will replace the saved IR mark with a new one.

Warning: If you do not keep a copy of the tax return OR you delete the row which shows it generated/transmitted, then this IR mark cannot be recovered (generating a new return will create a different IR mark).

Missing IR Mark on the Tax return – When you generate a tax return but the top right IR mark is missing. First ask other users to try on another pc as this can be caused by your browser and print setup. For Example: If you have Chrome then it could cause visual problems if the PDF files on your local desktop are printed by accessing Chrome instead of Adobe. Switch it back to Adobe.

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