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Earnie: Furlough Report File Issue with employers NI and Pension reclaim

An issue has been discovered in Earnie v1.35.138. When creating the furlough reports in the product. The issue affects both the…


IRIS Keytime Accounts Production

Text being cut off right hand side in Accounts Production

Click Options > Configure > Set Printer Margins You can change the margin settings following the above steps in order…


IRIS Keytime Accounts Plus (Compac) KB Articles

Running the install Download the setup file from using the following link: or click Run (what you see will depend…


PTP TP - Please update this workstation to the latest version of Tax Platform after updating to 20.3150-0

The workaround is to run the Version Reset Tool from 1. Tick the boxes for Platform and CT Returns…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS-105 : OpenSpace link lost for existing client in Accountancy Suite

This issue is currently under investigation with the product development team. At the moment the link must be re-established manually…


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Accounts Production, IRIS Keytime Corporation Tax

File not found Accounts attachment error

The error below appears when running the check in corporation tax, an attachment error stating file not found error message.…


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Accounts Production

Importing Data from Bookkeeping Packages into Accounts Production

Accounts Production can import data from several bookkeeping and other Accounts Production packages.  Currently these are:  KashflowXeroPTP/IRIS Accounts ProductionCSV To…


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Personal Tax

Payment on account

Override payment on account to be collected through tax code To override payment on account to be collected through the…


IRIS Keytime Practice Manager, IRIS Keytime

Creating a client in Practice Manager

Open Practice Manager If requested, log in as a user Go to Add > Choose the client type you require,…


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Accounts Production

Navigating Accounts Production

Accounts Production has the same look and feel as other modules in the Keytime range.  Navigation tools consist of the…