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FRS 105- Balance sheet and Trading profit and Loss headings are not bold or underlined when selected in report options

This issue has been raised with the Development Team and we can confirm this is a defect within the software.…


PTP TRU - Declaration in boxes 22.2 and 22.3 not printing

This issue will be corrected in the next release.  The electronic copy of the return which is submitted to HMRC…



Error 3265: Item not found in collection. Error using last years data in Earnie v1.31.141

After installing 1.36.141 and processing year end restart to move into 2021/22, user may encounter issues attempting to use Last…


PTP TR - Error 438 when clicking on Retrieve HMRC Data on a 2021 return

This is currently under investigation.


PTP CT - R&D tax credit being capped for periods which do not straddle 1st April 2021

The only workaround for urgent submissions would be to file on paper with a WT1 form  This will be…


PTP TR - Payments on Account are not being calculated in 21.1

This issue has been corrected in version 21.1.333 or above and the download may be accessed here


IRIS Spring 2021- Updating Timesheet Postings on the go

In order to activate this function you will need to sign into the IRIS Accountancy Suite as the MASTER User…


Earnie, IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll

My ePay Window

The wait is finally over and my ePay Window is available for you to take advantage of. Payroll software updates…


PTP TP/CT - System clock message when opening the software

Please try again to open the software as this message may appear intermittently and not occur again. If the error…


PTP Launcher - Was working previously but no longer opens

If this problem has occurred immediately following a PTP update on a different workstation or server, please open Tax Platform…