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Error 3075 - Syntax error printing AE Summary after payroll run

This error has been reported and will be corrected in a future relase To workaround the error in the meantime: Select 'No' to printing the…


How to do an AML import from IRIS accountancy suite

First of all, please download all the files from HERE. An AML training guide is also available in that link.Contained in this link are the…


PTP TPO - is it possible to reinstate WIP written off

Unfortunately there is no way to reinstate time written off.



How to set up student loan deductions.

Setting up Student Loan DeductionsRefunding Student Loan DeductionSetting Post Graduate Loan DeductionsRefunding Post Graduate Loan Deductions To set up student loan deductions for an employee…


How to enter a negligible value claim?

This topic explains the process for entering a negligible value claim. Log on to IRIS Personal Tax and select the client.From the Edit menu select Capital Assets.Enter the loss into the…


PTP TR - Error message on 2018 HMRC Data Retrieval

This issue will be resolved in the October release, 19.3.


A time ledger account is currently in the process of being changed by another part of the system

A time ledger account is currently in the process of being changed by another part of the system To Rectify this, please make sure everyone…


PTP TR - Error 3265 when navigating to a different page of the tax return

Exe - I2019Version = 19.2148-0Form = Tax.BASProc = GetSBADetailsfromCamError Line = 21604Error Code = 3265Message = Item not found in this collection 1.  View the return and…


The charge reference/bundle number/payment indicator is not showing on the HMRC response?

As the HMRC response comes from the HMRC this cannot be changed in the software, you will need to contact HMRC.


Client Obligations are showing incorrectly

Reset Agent CredentialsSelect Client RefreshContact HMRC as these are the obligations being retrieved from HMRC.