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Personal Tax: Allowable Business Expenses-group [SSE11-20] should not be present as there is an entry in [FSE16.1] or [SSE11-20] and 3001 8567

You will get the following errors when generating and and submitting a return, depending on how you have completed the…


An error occured: The remote name could not be resolved '

We are aware of some users encountering the following error message when selecting Filing History in Company Forms in IRIS…


VAT Filer: Standalone queries

IRIS VAT Filer will automatically connect and retrieve any previous MTD submissions and current obligations for the selected client direct…


Business Tax: 2022 Freeport allowance CT600(M)

With the IRIS version 22.1.0 we have added the new form CT600(M). The government announced that an enhanced SBA is…


PTP TR - SE has changed on a prior year return (2018-2020) and the difference is the amount of the 2021 SEISS grant

1. The HMRC Data Retrieve function was used while running version 21.3.201 of PTP Tax Platform2. The client had a…


Business Tax: Error 3001 9372. Box 285 must not be greater than box 235

If you have any losses utilized against income but when you generate or submit you get either an error 3001…


PTP VF - How to reset HMRC authorisation

To reset HMRC authorisation within PTP VAT Filer please do the following below: - Click on the 'Settings' button -…


IRIS Accountancy Suite: New 2022 64-8 form

Due to HMRC issues we are awaiting news as to when we can have the latest 64-8 form for the…


IRIS Earnie IQ

Earnie IQ Issue v22.10: Car benefit cash equivalent value cleared in 22/23

This has been raised as an issue for correction in a future release. As a workaround in the meantime, enter…


Business/Personal Tax: Transmit Button is 'greyed out'?

Accessing the Transmit Internet Return tool and finding the tax return you need to submit to HMRC but Transmit is…