HR Consultancy helps when it matters most

There are challenging moments when you shouldn’t go it alone. These can range from compliance issues to expansion phases. Business growth might seem like a nice problem to have, but recruiting new staff, moving essential personnel and establishing international bases is far from simple.  

HR consultancy services can help by providing sound advice and assisting in putting policies, paperwork, and procedures in place to prevent problems.

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HR Consulting vs HR Software 

Perhaps you’re wondering if software is the answer, not consulting services. 

The key to answering this is that HR software speeds up what you already do. If you’re confident in your HR skills, a good software solution will automate your processes and bring information into one useful place. 

But if you are struggling to find answers or time to do research, an HR consultancy will help you to focus on running your business, whilst they manage HR best practices, and provide invaluable advice and support.

What areas might you need help with? 

HR consultants can help your business navigate legal and logistical grey areas – from making major strategic decisions to steering your teams through organisational transformation. 

  • Ad hoc queries (including disciplinaries)

    If HR is anything, it’s unpredictable: every business is different, and every day is different.

    So, it’s often very helpful to have experts on hand to catch those moments that fall between the gaps in your team’s knowledge – including legally sensitive situations like internal investigations and disciplinary procedures.

  • Legal obligations

    Contracts, policies, and procedures… there’s a lot to get right and not much room for getting it wrong. HR consultancies can audit your business, spot gaps and draft important paperwork that will keep everything above board when it comes to sensitive topics, such as employment law, staff benefits, and more.

  • Staff incentivisation

    Staff perks can be a real magnet for attracting top talent. However, the cost of these perks is multiplied depending on the scope of coverage and business size. Chances are, you don’t have the time to search through all the options and likely wouldn’t be confident you’ve exhausted all avenues. This is even more difficult if your benefits are for staff operating in different countries.

    HR consultancies are able to help leaders find the right staff perks to suit their business’ recruitment goals because they do this work every day.

  • Restructuring

    Major structural change in your business is always complicated. This is especially true at moments when you are making tough decisions, such as redefining your top team or letting staff go. Never try to do this without having an HR specialist ready to assist who has dealt with these situations before.

  • Business Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    HR consultancies are always ready to help your company acquire or divest. Throughout this process, they give strategic HR support on corporate structure and design.

    During these phases of transition, people management is one of the most crucial projects. Expert advice from a HR consultancy service can be an invaluable service during these exciting, yet challenging times.

  • International Business Growth

    Business expansion to new countries is a great sign of progress, but all the paperwork involved doesn’t feel like that’s the case. With new languages, new laws, and major logistics involved, you might need someone to help hire your new team or relocate staff and their families.

    So, when you choose HR consultancy services, make sure they know foreign policy and can support domestic and overseas expansion. Even if you don’t need that know-how today, there’s every chance you will in the future.

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How IRIS helps you 

IRIS HR Consulting is here to help you on your business journey. With domestic and international consultants, we can help you confidently grow and tackle any challenges along the way. 

  • Save time searching for answers and wondering if you have got it right 
  • Get compliant in a world where laws constantly change. 
  • Stay confident by working with experts who collectively have more than 100 years of experience in the field. 

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