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Better understand your trust with Ed:gen Central

For years, school management systems have been missing a trick. Without a single, streamlined place to view multiple schools’ data at once, trust leaders have been unable to identify trends, spot changes that need to be made, and truly understand their trust. That’s until now. Introducing IRIS Ed:gen Central.

The MIS dashboard tool for trusts

Our School Management dashboard for trusts Ed:gen Central is a feature within our next-generation MIS and is exclusively available as part of IRIS Ed:gen.

As a streamlined, cloud-based, real-time system, Ed:gen Central gives trust leaders access to trends and insights at trust, school or pupil level. By viewing all assessment, attendance, conduct, wellbeing, HR, finance, and admissions data in one place, trust leaders can better understand their trust to form more impactful decisions and smarter outcomes.

Why Ed:gen Central?

  • See all data in one place with one central dashboard
  • Form better insights by drilling down into data at every level
  • Create well-informed, quicker decisions with real-time updates
  • Access data securely, 24/7, with cloud-based technology
  • View performance easily with customisable views



One central view
Drill down into data at trust, school, or pupil level with a streamlined view

Real-time updates
Spot trends as they happen and make quicker, more impactful decisions

Customisable view
Customise your IRIS Ed:gen Central dashboard to suit your trust

View performance easily
Eliminate manual data merging and get an accurate, simple performance view

Divide licenses across schools and streamline systems and processes

A single system simplifies analysis and administration

Enhanced security
Protect against cyber threats by keeping data off-premise in a purpose-built facility

24/7 access
Access data securely, anytime, anywhere with cloud-based technology

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