Next Generation MIS for Schools

IRIS Ed:gen keeps things simple. Easy to use, easier to transition to, this management information system (MIS) gives teachers their time back and helps schools and MATs achieve better outcomes for their pupils.

Why IRIS Ed:gen is your next school Management Information System (MIS)

IRIS Ed:gen lets you harness the power of real-time data. Send communications instantly across the whole school community and get key information to the people who really need it. With more data at their fingertips, teachers and school leadership can make better, more informed decisions to help their pupils. The IRIS Ed:gen school MIS system is also a huge time saver, with a range of apps and tools designed to help teachers get back to what matters most: teaching.

For MAT Leaders
For too many years, management information systems in schools has stood still.

Find out how changing your MIS could improve your schools.
For School Leaders
Have you ever thought what it would be like to have data and insight on what is going on in your school at your fingertips?

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For Teachers
Working with a dated MIS that takes forever to find information?

Our next-generation MIS gives teachers a revolutionary experience that makes their life easy.

A forward-thinking management information system

Don’t let your old and expensive MIS systems hold you back. Streamlined navigation, greater data, and an all-in-one system for one great price is the future!

Next-generation MIS technology keeps things simple

Teacher using IRIS Ed:gen school management information system

IRIS Ed:gen breaks the mold with a seamless user interface that makes your life easier. Better navigation means less searching and more doing, and you can customise your MIS to improve focus.

  • Easy to use: Say goodbye to challenging, clunky legacy systems
  • Easy to understand: Small tasks are easy with a seamless interface
  • Easy to access: Update information wherever, whenever with cloud-based systems
  • Easy to navigate: Get live data, take action quickly and make positive changes
  • Easy to customise: Choose only the apps and modules that suit your school

Better information, better decisions, better school

With improved data insights from your school management system comes greater understanding and smarter decisions. And, with real time information (RTI), you can not only proactively manage but also react quickly when the unforseen arises.

  • Improved school management: Real-time data for registrations, absences & detentions
  • Better safeguarding: Accurate, up-to-date data lets you spot troubling patterns quickly
  • Timely interventions: Act on data promptly to create better student outcomes
  • Engagement: Widespread comms get the right info to the right people at the right time
  • Consistent management: Staff and parents work in unison to improve pupil outcomes

Simplifying software saves your school money

One school information management system that does it all: IRIS Ed:gen not only saves time and improves data visibility, but it reduces the need for multiple systems and software in schools and MATs, which helps with budgets too.

  • Consolidate systems: A single MIS frees up time, staff and funds
  • Cost-efficient: Better software allows you to reinvest in teaching
  • Versatility: Minimise disruption by directly importing your current Nova T6 timetable
  • Long-term partnership: Our expert team is on hand now and in the future

Give teachers their time back

With our cloud-based MIS, teachers can utilise their time more effectively. Apps help with management and delivery of day-to-day tasks whilst powerful reporting tools help visualise and improve results.

  • Streamlined management: Internal messengers, planners & registrations for ease
  • Reporting tools: Voice-to-text dictation saves term-end reporting time and effort
  • Focus on the classroom: Live notifications eliminate needless notes, errands or calls
  • Makes small tasks easier: Modern, intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • More spare time for teachers: Apps that are designed for teachers to do tasks anytime, anywhere

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Schools are moving to the next generation

The software clearly came out on top, supporting us to move each of our schools forward through a single interface.
Ben, Head of IT Services and Ed:gen customer

Ed:gen has proved to be reliable and teachers like it. It allows us to manage all the data and processes we need with minimal change to current procedures.
Chris, Data and Exams Manager and Ed:gen customer

A simple, seamless transition

With a dedicated team of transition experts always on hand and powerful cloud-based technology, moving to IRIS Ed:gen is as speedy as it is painless. We do it in four easy steps:









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