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MTD is the future of tax for all UK accountants, but with different dates to comply with it and new regulations to understand, it can seem overwhelming. Resources and expertise from IRIS will give you a thorough understanding of what’s required of your practice for when, making the transition to MTD much easier.

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Thousands of businesses rely on IRIS for compliance every day. Below you can access support and resources, written by MTD experts for accountants.

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Know your MTD deadlines

From April 2022, you’ll need to manually submit tax data to HMRC and ensure your tax processes are digital.

April 2022: MTD for VAT

All VAT-registered businesses must complete VAT accounting and file VAT returns using MTD-compatible software

April 2024: MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment

All businesses, self-employed people and landlords with income over £10,000 per year must  keep digital records and operate MTD for trading and property income

April 2025: General partnerships

MTD for ITSA comes into effect for general partnerships with a turnover of above £10,000 per year

This handy timeline of key MTD dates and what’s required of you gives you a head start on planning your MTD strategy.

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IRIS supporting accountants’ transition to MTD

MTD compliance means new ways of storing records, filing returns and declaring income. Our teams of trained accountants are experts in compliance and taxation, with the knowledge of MTD-related software, tools and strategies to help you get ready for Making Tax Digital.

  • Understand MTD and what’s required
  • Prepare an effective MTD strategy
  • Support you and your clients through the changes
  • Use MTD as an opportunity to grow your practice

Discover our full range of MTD resources

Download clear and simple MTD guides to share with your clients including an MTD to-do list and a complete guide to the new MTD process.

Turn your Making Tax Digital deadline into an opportunity

The complete guide to MTD including dates, digital links and the future of accounting

What’s your MTD strategy?

Monitor the progress of your transition to MTD against advice from the experts at IRIS

The costs vs. the benefits

Compare the cost of MTD with the benefits of digitisation for your clients

MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment

A guide to share with your clients on the upcoming changes and how MTD affects them


A guide to share with your clients on how and when VAT payment is changing with the introduction of MTD

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