What is KashFlow?


KashFlow is award-winning online 
accounting software, designed for 
small business owners.

It simplifies bookkeeping, invoicing 
and keeping track of accounts and, 
with its integration into IRIS Accounts 
, accountants become the 
business advisor - rather than the
number cruncher.

KashFlow. Simple to use accounting software for small businesses
that integrates seamlessly with IRIS Accounts Production

Sign up and try it free for 14 days with no obligation. You'll find it's simple to use, with everyday
language and no confusing terms and you'll receive an up to the minute understanding of the performance of your business.


Drive efficiency and save time
by automating routine monthly tasks.

For example, automatic bank feeds
saves time every month.

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Integrated add-ons

KashFlow provides complete integration with
IRIS Accounts Production as well as a wide range
of systems and applications such as PayPal,
DropBox, MailChimp and CRM solutions.

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For small businesses

KashFlow is designed to simplify accounting and
bookkeeping for small businesses irrespective of
of systems and applications such as PayPal,
your level of experience.

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We offer free KashFlow support at all times for
along with complete access to resources in the Akademy.

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"KashFlow is a pioneering internet-based accounting system with lots of
automated features designed to take the load off small business owners."

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Connect with clients

Work closer and more intuitively with your clients through unique integration across our cloud and desktop solutions that enable superior client collaboration and gives added value to all your client relationships.


At a client and need access to your accounting systems, not a problem with KashFlow. Work from any location - just fire up an internet browser and login to your software.

Online collaboration

Capitalise on real-time insight into your clients’ businesses through our unique online collaboration by being able to react quickly should a problem arise and offer timely advice.

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