11180: How do I process a 24 hour retirement?

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Article Name How do I process a 24 hour retirement?
Created Date 06 Apr 2018 00:00:00
Product IRIS GP Payroll

I have an employee going through 24 hour retirement. How do I process that in the system?


• Process the final payslip for the employee on the original employee record.

• Go to "Print output / export data" > "Pension Summaries" and print a copy of the SD55 (NSR03 for Scottish practises’.)

• Go to "Note an employee leaver" and save the leave date.

• The employee now needs to be added back on the system on a NEW record with a new payroll number.

• Continue to pay the employee on the new record as normal.

3 Key points to remember:

• Must retire from their contract/employment for at least 24 hours

• Must not work for more than 16 hours a week for the first month after retirement

• Once the month is over, there are no restrictions on working patterns thereafter.

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