11584: How to delete a PAYE-Master Company

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Article ID 11584
Article Name How to delete a PAYE-Master Company
Created Date 01 Jan 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS PAYE-Master

How do I remove a company from my payroll?


Sometimes you may find you need to remove a company from your payroll system.

To remove and free up a licence go to:

"File" > "Delete/Undelete Company"

The list on the left are the current companies used on the system, the list on the right, previously deleted companies.

Click on the name of the company and then on the Delete / Undelete button in the centre.

NOTE: You can undelete a company up to 3 times. After this it will not be available to restore in this screen.

Companies listed in red text indicate that PAYE-Master cannot find the data file for that company. If the data file cannot be found you CANNOT undelete. 

NOTE: Delete / Undelete option is only available with a bureau PAYE-Master licence. Single company PAYE-Master licences will not be able to use this utility.

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