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Article Name Pension Uplift - Phasing- IRIS PAYE-Master
Created Date 21 Mar 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS PAYE-Master

IRIS Training are pleased to announce a new free webinar: Pension Uplift - Phasing- IRIS PAYE-Master


In this short free BiteSize session we will cover:

Background to phasing
How to update the pension amounts
How to update the default amounts
Where to find help

The minimum contributions you and your staff pay into your automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme will increase from 6 April 2019. This is also sometimes known as phasing.

It is your responsibility to make sure these increases are implemented.


Who does this apply to?

All employers with staff in a pension scheme for automatic enrolment must take action to make sure at least the minimum amounts are being paid into their pension scheme. This applies to you whether you set up a pension scheme for automatic enrolment or you decided to use an existing scheme.


However, you don’t need to take any further action if you don’t have any staff in a pension scheme for automatic enrolment, or if you are already paying above the increased minimum amounts.

If you’re using a defined benefits pension scheme the increases do not apply.

Please follow the link below to enrol in the course for free:

Alternatively, for a printable guide to the process, click here

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