12203: Peoples Pension: Confirm Action message when uploading during the re-enrolment period

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Article ID 12203
Article Name Peoples Pension: Confirm Action message when uploading during the re-enrolment period
Created Date 17 Apr 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS PAYE-Master, IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS GP Payroll, IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie, Earnie IQ

When trying to upload pension data to Peoples Pension, user gets the message:

Confirm action As you're in your automatic re-enrolment period, this file may need to contain RE flags to indicate which employees need to be assessed for re-enrolment. There aren't any flags so we just wanted to check whether that's correct If so please continue but otherwise cancel the upload and review your data file


This message occurs because Peoples Pension intended to utilise an additional indicator in their pension file structure to indicate which employees need assessing for re-enrolment.

Unfortunately, this indicator caused problems with Peoples Pension systems. As such, they decided not to update their pension file specification to include this indicator which is why your payroll software will not include it in your exported pension data.

We have been assured by Peoples Pension that users should just click Continue on the message to proceed to upload their data and that all employees will be enrolled/re-enrolled correctly.

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