IAS-12942: Receiving error message 'Missing Detail: No P11Ds included

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Article ID IAS-12942
Article Name Receiving error message 'Missing Detail: No P11Ds included
Created Date 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS P11D
Problem When generating P11Ds with just car benefits, the print P11D report does not generate for selected personnel and then subsequently when trying to generate a P11D/P11D(B)/p46 car form, the following error message appears:

'Missing Detail

No P11Ds included:

There must be at least one P11D present in the submission.

The electronic report has been aborted'

The forms generate succesfully when other non-car benefits are added.
Resolution This will be fixed in the service pack 19.1.1 release of IRIS.

Customers are advised to wait until then, however as a workaround, to populate the car benefit when it is the only benefit on the P11d, the user must add another benefit through | edit | employment benefits with the following details:

Benefit type: 0 (Unspecified)
Value: £0.01
Amount made good or from which tax deducted: £0.01

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