IAS-7077: How do I insert an Address to my AutoMail template?

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Article ID IAS-7077
Article Name How do I insert an Address to my AutoMail template?
Created Date 27 Oct 2008 00:00:00
Product IRIS AutoMail
Problem How do I insert an Address into my AutoMail template?
Resolution Contents
  • Introduction
  • Inserting the address details into the template

    Addresses are entered on the Client Maintenance Screen to display where Clients may be contacted at. To setup or view an address on a client:

  • Log on to IRIS AutoMail from the IRIS Main Menu
  • The IRIS AutoMail Letter Request browser will be displayed, click on the Clients button
  • Highlight a client, click on the View button
  • The client maintenance screen will be displayed, click on the Address tab (the clients address will be displayed)

    Addresses may be given the property of either the "Main Address" or the "Billing Address". The Main address is used by most Automail letters and is typically where most of your correspondences would be sent to. The Billing address is mostly used in IRIS fees, whereby the allocated person is sent the billing documents and any queries regards to them to the address defined.

    There are two types of addresses that can be set up on clients:
  • Main Address - This address is used to send general communication to the client
  • Billing contact - This address is used whereby the client would prefer you to mail them any bills to.

    Inserting the address details to the template
    To insert the address details to your template
  • Log on to IRIS AutoMail from the IRIS Main Menu
  • The IRIS AutoMail - Letter request Browser will be displayed, click on the Templates button
  • The IRIS AutoMail - Letter Template Maintenance screen will be displayed, locate your template and click on the edit button
  • The Word template will be displayed, place your cursor where you would like to enter the address details. For example under the Contact Name
  • Minimize word
  • The Tag Selection screen will be displayed, click on the Particular Client | Common| Main Address
  • Place a tick next to the tags that you would like to add. For example, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Town , County, Postcode and Country
  • Click on the Refresh button
  • Maximize word to add the details on to the template
  • Place your cursor where you would like to insert the first line of address

    Note: To check for versions of Word, Click on Help | About when in the Word Document.

    For versions of MS Word 2007 and later :
  • Click on the Mailings Tab, under the Write and Insert Field Section, click on Insert Merge Field button.
  • Select the relevant tag. For example: Address Line 1, LMCLAddr1
  • Press enter on the Keyboard to go to a new line
  • Repeat Steps 'a.' to 'c.' ensuring that all the relevant address tags are added to the template. i.e. LMCLAddr2, LMCLAddr3,LMCLTown, LMCLCounty, LMCLPostCode, LMCLCountry
  • Minimize Word click on the Save button in the Tag selection screen

    NOTE: To place the address in a certain position, you may want to use Text boxes. It is recommended that you do not use tables as tables will not allow lines to be suppressed if there is no available data in that field. For example, an address for a client does not have town entered. If you use tables to position the address, there will be a blank space where the town is supposed to be.

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