IAS-8475: Generating a letter in AutoMail results in "word cannot find data source"

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Article ID IAS-8475
Article Name Generating a letter in AutoMail results in "word cannot find data source"
Created Date 12 Nov 2009 00:00:00
Product IRIS AutoMail
Problem When generating a letter in Automail, an error message is displayed as follows.

a38ui4ed.doc is a mail merge document. Word cannot find its data source I:\tt\data\notes\_usert\AH81xfnp.hdr

NOTE the doc name and path will differ depending upon the installation.

The path described will NOT be the correct path as specified in HELP-About-Details (from any of the IRIS programs) it may however relate to a previous installation path.
  • All users need to exit AutoMail
  • Navigate to the IRIS data folder, then the notes folder.
  • Create a new folder and move the 3 files with the extension .sup to this newly created sub folder.
  • Open AutoMail, and the template checker will run
  • Once this is complete, generate the same letter, the problem should now be resolved as the links have been updated.

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