Joining forces to impress Keytime customers

By Louise Mulgrew | 17th July 2015 | 7 min read

IRIS and Keytime working together to help more UK accountants

Company acquisitions will always raise questions and maybe some concerns. The accountancy industry is not exempt.

When Keytime announced in May that they were to be acquired by IRIS, Keytime MD James Cryne stated:

"The Keytime team are very proud of the products and service they deliver on an annual basis to over 1,700 customers and that will remain the same. IRIS intends to keep our team and products in place and is committed to growing our business by continuing to deliver industry-leading solutions for our combined group of customers."

But we know that despite our best efforts, some eyebrows were raised!

So the email from Keytime customer, Tony Eastwood, was particularly well received. In his email, he included:

"...Thanks very much for all of your time and help. I have been as impressed with IRIS as I have always been with Keytime."

Tony, based in Kent and long time customer at Keytime - purchasing the software 8 years ago, went on to add:

"I've always had a really good relationship with Keytime. The help and support I've had from them has always been brilliant!"

We look forward to welcoming Tony at IRIS World 2015 and thanking him in person for his kind words.

We're also happy to be working with 1,700 Keytime customers and intend to build on the success we've experienced with our IRIS customers. Over time, maybe we can receive emails like this from each and every one...


All UK accountants are welcome to come and join us at IRIS World 2015. It's also a great opportunity for accountants using Keytime to come and meet the IRIS team, and hear first hand what our plans are for the future.