The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 3

By James Nadal | 5th December 2018 | 14 min read

What’s more exciting when it comes to the Christmas Day gift reveal than unwrapping a brilliant new gadget?

Perhaps you’re expecting a brand new phone? Even better, one with a great new app to play with.

That’s why today, on day 3 of the 12 digital days of Christmas, we’re handing you another early present so that you can get Accountant Go - the hottest new app on the market for accountants - well in time before the rest of the presents are under the tree.

Give your clients and yourself a brilliant Christmas gift by radically improving customer experience and how you engage and connect.

And, we’ve just made Accountant Go even better! There’s a whole host of brilliant new features, including a mileage tracker.

The generous people at IRIS are making it even easier to get the app, which can you personalise with your own branding and logo.

Here is our special offer:

Offer 1 - Accountant Go - 30% discount on year 1 subscription *

Offer 2 - Accountant Go and WebPortal bundle - 50% discount on year 1 subscription of combined Accountant Go & WebPortal Professional *

Why is it the most essential app you could get for your accountancy practice this Christmas?

These days, everyone expects services at their fingertips, via their phone, including their accountant. They do their banking and shopping online on their mobile; they demand the same of you.

Accountant Go enables you to do exactly that, with a powerful hub that makes communicating so much easier and more effective. It provides a self-service portal answers clients’ basic queries, saving you time responding to calls.

It connects to a range of apps such as IRIS Snap for Receipt Capture, IRIS OpenSpace for document sharing and approval, KashFlow Go for mobile invoicing and payments, and IRIS Insight for forecasting and management reporting. It integrates with third party apps too.

Some of the other great new features in the latest release are:

• WhatsApp style Inbound photo messaging: Allows the client to send pictures into the accountant via the app. It could be, for example, a letter which they have a query about.

• Multiple Inboxes: Allows the accountant to send messages from different teams within their organisation and clients can respond to a separate inbox.

• Staff contacts upgrade: The ability to add a bio to a staff member and organise contacts into teams.

In the meantime, our tree is looking a bit threadbare – we forgot to bring down the rest of the tinsel! So we’re off to the loft again. By the way, you haven’t got any spare baubles you want to lend us, have you?

Anyway, we’ll see you again tomorrow for the next digital day of Christmas!