3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Managing HR

By Sam Thomas | 2nd December 2016 | 14 min read

Whilst it may not be a priority to many small businesses, managing human resources can have many key benefits; in today's blog we look at three.

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1. To Help Your Business to Grow

Making effective use of self-service HR helps you to manage and keep track of key tasks that can affect both the day-to-day running of your business and how your business grows in the future. Areas such as employee records, absence management, reporting, accident records etc. can all be managed within the software so you’re never caught out by something unexpected. Additionally, self-service HR can be used to help manage recruitment, meaning you’re hiring the best possible candidates to future-proof your business.

2. Avoid Conflict and Disagreements

Self-service HR can help your business avoid both internal and external conflict. You can manage any grievances through the software and make sure you maintain electronic copies of documents and other files relating to the issue. Additionally, premium self-service HR software like IRIS HR maintains an audit trail of communications to help you avoid legal issues arising from grievances and other similar circumstances.

3. Saving Time and Money

Self-service HR software is growing in popularity. That’s mainly due to both the monetary and time-saving benefits that it has to offer. Research from Cascade HR has quantified some of the more commonly-found HR tasks that businesses perform and then compared this with self-service HR to highlight the time-saving benefits, this is what they found:

Dealing with holiday requests

Previously approx. 6 minute per request, with self-service HR approx. 1 minute to approve or reject.

Managing Grievances or Disciplinary Proceedings

Previously approx. 60 minutes per issue, with self-service HR approx. 15 minutes per issue.

Managing Monthly ‘Hours Worked’ Reporting

Previously approx. 25 minutes each month, with self-service HR approx. 10 minutes.

Overall, Cascade HR estimate that within a growing small business, self-service HR such as the new IRIS HR software can save around 40 hours of work each month through a mixture of automation and employees managing tasks themselves.

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