Why businesses are choosing IRIS Software

By Louise Mulgrew | 3rd December 2015 | 1 min read

At the recent IRIS Payroll Conference, attendees were asked why it was that they chose and continue to stay with, IRIS for their payroll.

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The video shows businesses from different industries all explaining why it is that they would recommend IRIS Software.

Many talk about how much they value the IRIS Support that they receive should they ever need it as well as the intuitive level of functionality that the software offers them.

Many also explain that they are extremely happy with the way that IRIS has helped them prepare for and manage auto enrolment and are also keen to see how IRIS can help them with Holiday Pay moving forward.

The IRIS Holiday Pay Module is an additional piece of software that you can enable in your Earnie and IRIS Payroll Professional. The module works out Holiday Pay contributions based on custom set parameters that you can choose to customise your holiday pay. If you would like to find out more about the Holiday Pay Module, you can give IRIS a call on 0344 815 5676.

In addition to this is the IRIS AE Suite™ which now helps over 5,700 businesses assess over 559,000 for auto enrolment on a regular basis. The IRIS AE Suite™ tells you which employees you need to put into a pension scheme every time you run your payroll, without any extra processes.

You can really see how the software works by booking yourself a free 1-2-1 demonstration with an IRIS auto enrolment expert.

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