Learn more about +Pay

+Pay is a convenient way to handle school payments. Our user-friendly platform saves parents time, taking the chore out of paying for school dinners, after-school clubs and school trips.

With flexible payment options, integration with your school MIS, and a dedicated support team, it’s easy to roll out +Pay in your school.

What +Pay can do for you

+Pay is ideal for schools seeking a reliable method of payment collection.

It’s convenient for both schools and parents. Reclaim the time spent managing and chasing payments by providing parents with an easier way to pay online.

It’s also socially inclusive, and offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal. Parents can manage payments for more than one child across different schools on any device.
  • Encourage payment and reduce debt with low balance reminders and push notifications.
  • Keep multiple registers for different payment requirements.
  • Flexible payment options from popular providers.
  • Reliable service with 99% uptime in 2018.
  • Integrates with your MIS and with ParentMail’s parental engagement modules.
  • Assistance from a dedicated support team.
  • Regain the hours spent chasing, collecting and managing payments.


The easiest way for your school to request, collect and manage payments.

Supports parents by taking the hassle out of paying for everyday items.

Encourages parents to make timely payments without school intervention.

A secure and dependable platform for taking and managing school payments.

Key Features


The last thing you need is for a payment system outage while collecting for a school trip. This can cause serious cash flow issues and hold up other key processes in the school.

+Pay guards against system outages, boasting an impressive 99% up time across 2018, so you can be confident it’s there when you need it.


Parents can pay quickly and easily from anywhere with internet access. They can then save their payment details for next time, making it even easier to make future payments.

This makes it easy for schools to manage payments without the time-consuming task of collecting parent arrears.

Social inclusivity

With discreet support for free and subsidised meals, +Pay removes the associated stigma.

Parents can use the payment method that suits them. +Pay works on any device and supports a range of platforms, including PayPal, PayPoint, AMEX, debit and credit card.

They can even manage payments for more than one child across different schools.


+Pay is extremely cost-effective, with some of the lowest subscription costs on the market.