Microsoft Exchange security changes

You will need to change your configuration to use the newer authentication mechanisms. 
The steps are explained below.

Please note that the configuration screens are branded as INVU; this is because IRIS Docs is powered by INVU and is not something to worry about.

Resource Owner consent

Email director – Resource owner consent

When using Resource Owner as the authentication method, consent must be given for the Email Director to access the mailbox.

Once the credentials have been entered, click Test Connection.

The following prompt displays:

screen1 | IRIS Docs

Click OK.

Microsoft will request authentication to the account then prompt for Email Director to access the mailbox.

screen2 | IRIS Docs

Depending on the configuration of the Office 365 tenancy, users may be unable to provide consent to external applications themselves. In such cases they will be required the request consent of the Office 365 administrator using the dialog below before retrying the configuration process.

screen3 | IRIS Docs