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Error 3343 (in xxxxdata.mdb)...unrecognised database format

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Error 3343 (in xxxxdata.mdb)...unrecognised database format

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1st January 2019


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Opening a company get 'Error 3343 (in ????data.mdb)...unrecognised database format where ???? is the company number.

Important Notice: This error message is often the first issue that a user will encounter after their PC has been infected with the Cryptolocker malware or one of its variants. It is important you thoroughly check your system(s) as soon as possible. If left unchecked cryptolocker can withhold users access from all data held on the system and can easily spread to servers and connected external drives.

Click here for more details on Payroll Processing after Malware Attack.


This error indicates the database in question is in need of repair before payroll can use it. Normally we see this error when an update has been interrupted before it completes the necessary database changes. Unfortunately, we have also seen this when data files have been corrupted due to malware/virus infection on the PC.

Take note of the error message details. If the error refers to a ????Data.mdb (or ????log.mdb), where ???? is a number, this is a specific company’s database. The number refers to the company ID number within the software e.g. 0001Data.mdb is the database for company number 1.

Before you can carry on with payroll you will need to attempt to repair the database. 

  • Log into the admin mode of the software, when logging in, enter the name as SYSTEM and your admin password.

If you do not know the password to log into the admin mode of the software, you will need to request a break in password from support to regain access.

If you need to request a break-in password, this should be provided with the company letter head and signed by the senior payroll decision maker. You can fax this to us on 0344 815 5670 or scan and email to:

  • Go to File | Companies | Rebuild.
  • On the next window, from the drop down menu, select the affected company
  • click the yes button.
  • Click yes to compact the data when asked.

If the rebuild fails, check in the data location for “locked record files”, delete any file with the extension .ldb. Repeat the rebuild as above.

Please Note: An .ldb file is created every time the software or a utility opens a database (.mdb file). This is Windows file to help protect data if another user attempts to open the same file. It is correct that these .ldb files get created, problems occur when the .ldb files are not automatically deleted once the database is closed. If no users are accessing the database (either via payroll or through another utility) there should be no .ldb files.

If the rebuild and compact process completes without error you should be able to log into the software as normal and continue with your payroll.

If the rebuild and compact process still returns an error, make a note of the error message details and contact our support team.

PLEASE NOTE: If the error message refers to another file eg. e32-sys.mdb or IROS.MDB, these are system level data files and are not available to rebuild using the admin utility as described above. If the error you are receiving does refer to any other database other than a “Data” or a “Log” file please contact our support team.

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