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The Open Exeter Import

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The Open Exeter Import

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6th April 2018


IRIS GP Accounts


The Open Exeter facility provides a convenient method of importing NHS New GMS and PMS payment statements directly into IRIS GP Accounts. This saves typing and improves accuracy.


The Open Exeter Direct facility, using ‘web services’ technology considerably simplifies this process, without any need to use Internet Explorer.

The Open Exeter facility currently only works with New GMS, PMS and old ‘Red book’ statements.

Global Sum and PPA dispensing statements cannot be imported.

To import files downloaded from the Open Exeter website

Select Import NHS payment statement via Open Exeter file download – when you press Next, you will be asked for the location of the downloaded GMS XML document.

When you have located the document, press the Open button to read it in. The next screen will let you view the statement in the same format as it appears on the Open Exeter website and confirm that it is the correct payment statement 

To use Open Exeter Direct

Choose the option to import via Open Exeter Direct: 

Enter your Open Exeter Direct connection setting details (Organisation Code and Data Source Cipher). The package will store these settings and you will not be asked again. You may have to login to the Open Exeter website via View the Open Exeter website to find these settings

Enter your Open Exeter login and password, choose the Quarter for the statement you require and the type of statement

The package will now communicate directly with Open Exeter and identify any statements available for the selected quarter.

Simply choose the statement required and it will be automatically imported

You may have to match up some payment statement elements with your IRIS GP Accounts NHS ledger codes or Doctors.

There is also an option to Print the statement if you wish. 

Remember that the downloaded statement may not include some locally defined and allocated payments or debits. e.g. Local Development monies 

If this is the correct payment statement, press Next. The package now attempts to import the statement into the IRIS GP Accounts NHS ledger. 

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