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How to clear out imported pay data.

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How to clear out imported pay data.

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6th April 2017


IRIS Earnie IQ


If you encounter any problem with a timesheet central / clockin data import you might need to clear the imported data before repeating the transfer.


In order to remove this data from the system, we need to run the “Delete Utility“. This is found in the admin mode of the software.

Log into the admin mode:

Go to “File” > “Delete Utility

Open the “Pay Import” tab.

Before you can do anything, you must tick the Clear Pay Import details box

Pay Period

You can choose a Combined, a Weekly or a Monthly pay period

By default, the setting is None, so that you do not clear things by mistake, or without knowing it

From period – To Period

Choose the required dates

Selected Employees

If you wish to delete information just for certain employees, click this button to make your selection

Clear All Clocking information not already processed in the Payroll

Since CLOCKIN files do not have associated period information, you can only clear that data by clicking this box. If no other information (eg from Timesheet) is involved, you can leave the Pay Period set to None

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