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How to delete unused rates or payments / deductions from a company.

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How to delete unused rates or payments / deductions from a company.

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6th April 2018


IRIS Earnie IQ, Earnie, IRIS Payroll Professional


I have rate descriptions or payment/deduction that are no longer used by the company. How can I delete these?


In order to remove these from the system we need to run the “Delete Utility“. This is found in the admin mode of the software.

When promted for your username and password at startup enter the admin mode log in details. If you are not sure what these details are you will need to request a break in password from our support team.

Once logged into the admin mode:

Go to “File” > “Delete Utility

Double click on the appropriate company.

On the next window work through the “Rates” and  “Pay / Deds” tabs ticking the “Delete?” column against any elements you wish to remove.

Click “OK” and then “Yes” to confirm.

The system maintains a log of the deleted items, it will prompt you to view this now, click “Yes” if you wish to check the log or “No” to finish the process.

NOTE: The system will only show rates and payments / deductions that:

  • have not been configured as standard for any employee
  • and have no existing history records stored for employees
  • and are not displayed on the employee selection screen
  • and have not been used to put pay into multiple bank accounts.

In other words, if the payment/deduction or rate is being used in any way you are not allowed to delete it.

If the rate, payment or deduction you want to delete isn’t listed in this utility it is in use somewhere on your payroll system or within the payroll history and is not available for deleting. 

NOTE: Deleting rates can cause a discrepancy between the “Display ID” and the “Reporting ID”. This in turn can cause complications when importing / exporting data or using quick report writer. We would normally recommend you just rename old pay codes to “unused”. This way when setting up new pay codes you can re use old codes.

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