11680: OpenEnrol Error: E101 Invalid Username and Password

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Article ID 11680
Article Name OpenEnrol Error: E101 Invalid Username and Password
Created Date 05 Jan 2018 00:00:00
Product IRIS OpenEnrol, IRIS OpenPayslips, IRIS AE Suite

When trying to publish user gets the error:

E101 - Invalid Username or Password


First, check the email address and password saved in payroll. Are these correct? Has any user submitted a password reset request for the admin account? Make sure the username (admin email address) and password are up to date and correct.

NOTE: Both the password AND the username are case sensitive. ie. ISN'T the same as

If you are sure the details are correct and in the correct case but you still get the error, please contact out support team for further investigation.

Click here for contact details.

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