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Finalise Error: unable to access p11 records

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Finalise Error: unable to access p11 records
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6th April 2017

When trying to finalise user get the error:
"unable to access p11 records"
Or "Pay History already exists"


The message “unable to access p11 records” indicates that an attempt to finalise has been made and failed during the process. The error “unable to access p11 records” will occur the 2nd time you try and finalise.

The problem is caused when some employees have been finalised for a period but the process as a whole didn’t complete for all employees. To check, look in the details for the 1st employee in your list who was paid in the period you are trying to finalise, open the “Tax Details” tab:

The value “Last Tax Period” should be equal to the last pay period you have finalised. In situations where you are seeing “Unable to access p11 record” this value will read as the the period you are currently trying to finalise.

In this state, it is not possible to finalise the period. The initial, failed, attempt to finalise the data has corrupted the database.

• Go to “Utilities” > “Recover Pre-Finalise data
• Once the data is recovered try to finalise again.
• If the error persists at this point you will need to restore an older backup and work it back up to date.

Please Note: if you get any errors while finalising a pay period you should ALWAYS go to “Utilities” > “Recover Pre-Finalise data” to resolve the issue.  If you do not recover pre-finalise data and continue regardless you will lose the ability to recover quickly from the error. In this situation, your only option is to restore an older backup which will mean you have to process your payrolls again.

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