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Error Sending EYU - Violates minLength constraint

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Error Sending EYU - Violates minLength constraint

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6th April 2017


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie, IRIS Earnie IQ


When trying to file an EYU (earlier year update) submission, the process fails with the error:

Error: "Violates minLength constraint of '4'. The Element '{}CompressedPart' with value "failed to parse.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained here is specific to this exact error. HMRC validation could return similar errors that are not related to this process. Unfortunately, the errors returned are not very easy to interpret, if you have a variation of this error you may need to call or email our support team for assistance.


The problem is caused when the HMRC system cannot process the EYU because it has been compressed before sending.

To resolve this you will need to turn off the option to compress RTI submissions.

Go to “Online Services” | “Configure

Violates min Length constraint of '4'. Element govtalk gov talk Compressed Part value failed parse

On the “Online Services Configuration” window open the “RTI” tab, on this window untick “Always Compress FPS File” (The label does specify FPS submissions but the compression actually occurs on EYU submissions as well) and click “OK“.

always compress FPS file

If you now retry the EYU submission it should be accepted by HMRC systems.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you amend these options AFTER you have loaded the previous tax years data from which you are sending the EYU.

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