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Receive Messages from HMRC greyed out

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Receive Messages from HMRC greyed out

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6th April 2018


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie


The options to "Receive Messages from HMRC" and "Process Mail" are greyed out and unclickable:

online services menu item


These options are unavailable because the user logged in doesn’t have global access to the company data.

Whenever HMRC DPS service sends messages to your system it will deliver all messages associated with the gateway online account, this could cover many different PAYE references.

If a payroll user has been restricted access to some companies or individuals at the operator/groups level, the software stops them from retrieving message to prevent them from seeing information they aren’t supposed to see. For example, a company has been set up in payroll with the directors set at access level 9. The user logged in can only see employees up to access level 8. This user wouldn’t be able to process mail from the HMRC in case these messages contained details of the directors they have been prevented from accessing.

The options “Receive Messages from HMRC” and “Process Mail” will be available to operators who are part of a group with global access to all information in the payroll software.

Operators and groups are configured in the admin mode of the software, this is accessed at login by using the name SYSTEM along with your admin password.

Go to “Operators/Groups” | “Alter Operators/Groups”. You will then see your list of groups:

operators and groups list

Access levels are configured for the group and then applied to all operators within that group. Click on the group you want to change and then click “Edit“. The settings “Access Level From and To” and “Can Access Company” are likely to be the options preventing a user from receiving messages from HMRC:

Group access configuration

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