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Creating Company Error: 68 - Device Unavailable

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Creating Company Error: 68 - Device Unavailable
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6th April 2017

When trying to create a new company user gets the error:

Error in company frm sub load error 68 device unavailable


We have seen this error when the payroll software is set up to run over a network using a UNC file path. If you are using payroll over a network, to ensure correct operation, it must be installed to a folder on a mapped network drive.

The easiest way to check is to right-click on your payroll shortcut and select “Properties“. In the  properties windows look at the text in the “Target” and “Start in” fields:

If the text in either or both of these fields starts with two backslashes (\\) your software is running via a UNC path, this is causing your error.

To correct this error the UNC path needs to be mapped as a network drive and the software reinstalled to a folder in this new location.

This will usually require the assistance of your IT support or network administrator to complete.

To map a network drive, in Windows Explorer go to “Tools” > “Map network drive…..

Choose a drive letter and type in or browse to the current UNC location. IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is a multiuser system the mapped drive and UNC path must be exactly the same for ALL payroll users:

Remember, the software must be run from a folder, not the root of the mapped drive. If your payroll data is on the root of the newly mapped drive, create a new folder eg “Y:\Earnie\” and copy and paste all the payroll files into this location.

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