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Missing text and Register Button?

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Missing text and Register Button?

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1st April 2019


IRIS HR Manager


Sometimes text is missing/incomplete in the HR installer and registration screens, e.g. the word 'This' appears behind the start of the First Install radio button, and no other text can be seen. Also, the Register button in the Register HR Manager screen cannot be seen.


This will be down to a Windows setting called DPI which affects how large or small items and text appear on your screen.

To display correctly the DPI setting needs to 96 (100% – Normal)

Follow the steps below for your version of Windows:

Please note, after changing this setting you will need to restart your PC.

Windows 7 / 8 (Start from the desktop view in Windows 8)

• Right Click on an empty space on the Windows desktop
• Click “Screen Resolution”
• Click “Make text and other items larger or smaller”
• Select the option “Smaller – 100%” and apply

Windows 10

• Right click on the desktop and select “Display Settings”
• Use the slider “Change the size of text, apps and other items”
• Select the option “100%” (slider to far left) and apply.

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