IAS-7016: How to write out WIP using the 'All Jobs' option

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Article ID IAS-7016
Article Name How to write out WIP using the 'All Jobs' option
Created Date 08 Oct 2008 00:00:00
Product IRIS Time and Fees
Problem How to write out WIP using the 'All Jobs' option

I want to reduce my WIP balance when I post an invoice. How does the write out 'all Jobs' work?

Resolution Contents
  • Introduction
  • Reduce WIP: Write out
  • Write out All Jobs.
  • Step by step guide to writing out Jobs
  • Write out options for All jobs
  • Technical details

    This knowledge Base article will explain how to reduce WIP with an invoice and show how to write out to All Jobs

    Reduce WIP: Write Out
    When you post an invoice it is the write out field that is used to reduce your client's WIP balance and match the invoice to your staff member's time. For example, if you want to reduce your client's WIP balance from £500 to £300, you can enter 200 in the write out field (500 less 300 equals 200).

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    Write Out All Jobs
    When you reduce WIP with an invoice, one write out method available to you is to write out to All Jobs. The All Jobs button can be used as a quick method of clearing WIP from multiple jobs. For example, you may have one job for Accounts and the WIP is showing for £1000, you may also have another job for Tax and the WIP is showing for £500. The all jobs feature can be used as a quick way of writing out time.

    Step by step guide to writing out to all jobs
  • From the IRIS main menu, click on IRIS Fees.
  • The Fees Ledger screen will be displayed. From the menu, click on 'Enquiries' and select 'Client Summary' from the drop down menu.
  • The Client WIP/Fees Summary screen will be displayed. Type in the client identifier of the client you would like to invoice. For example, A001 and then click on the Billing button.
  • The 'Client Billing Decision' screen will be displayed. You will see a grid in the middle of the screen. In the Write Out column, right click and select Write Out All Jobs, this will then display the Write Out All box in which you can enter a bill value and either write out all outstanding, to a value, or to a date.

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    Write Out options for all jobs
    There a number of Write Out options for All Jobs:

  • All Outstanding: This will remove all outstanding WIP on all jobs for the client. This can be used as a quick method of clearing all WIP from a clients account with an invoice

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  • To Value: WIP can be removed from the clients account as entered on the screen. For example, £500. The total value option apportions Write out values for each job types using the following formula:

    Job WIP Balance X Value Entered
    Client WIP balance

    For example:
    Client A001 has a WIP balance of £1000. This total is made up of £500 on Job accounts, £300 on job tax and £200 on job Audit. The total value written out for the client is £500. The write out for each job type will be:

    Job Type WIP balance Write out
    Accounts £500 £250
    Tax £300 £150
    Audit £200 £100

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  • To Date: WIP will be removed from all job types to the date as entered on screen. For example, enter 31/10/2002 to remove WIP from all job types until the end of the date

    Technical details about write out all jobs
  • Write out all option will clear the WIP balance for all Jobs to zero at the point that the invoice is updated to the Time Ledger.
  • The 'all jobs' feature will allocate write out details for jobs with a positive WIP balance only.

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