IAS-6705: How can I post a simple invoice?

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Article ID IAS-6705
Article Name How can I post a simple invoice?
Created Date 29 Aug 2008 00:00:00
Product IRIS Time and Fees
Problem How can I post a simple invoice?
Resolution Contents
  • Introduction
  • Basic invoice concepts: Bill value and write out.
  • Prepare a billing decision report.
  • Post a simple invoice

    Within Time & Fees it is possible to post invoices to your clients. It is possible to post invoices in a number of ways and to different levels of complexity. This KB article is ideal for beginners and will start with the basic invoice concepts and then show you how to post a simple invoice.

    Basic invoice concepts: Bill Value and Write Out
    Before posting an invoice, it is recommended that you understand some key invoicing concepts. When you post an invoice you will need to enter a bill figure and a write out figure.

  • Bill : This is the amount that you will be invoicing the client. For example, £1000. This is the amount that would appear on your invoice document and how much you would expect your client to pay.
  • Write Out : A write out is how you decide how much Staff Time (WIP) you are going to reduce with your invoice.

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    Prepare a billing decision report
    Before you post a bill it is recommended that you prepare a billing decisions report. This may assist you in preparing how much to bill your client and help decide which staff time you are going to write out with your invoice.

    To run a billing decisions report:
  • Open the IRIS Main Menu and log into IRIS Time
  • Click on 'Reports | Client Reports | Billing decisions'
  • The Client WIP billing decisions report will be displayed. Click on the selection tab and type in the identifier of your client.
  • Click on the OK button and run the report.

    It is recommended that you fill out the instruction sheet on the billing decisions report, and use this when you post your invoice.

    Post your invoice
    You are now ready to post your invoice. You have run a billing decisions report and you know how much you want to invoice your client and how much staff time you want to reduce.

    To post a simple invoice:
  • Open the IRIS Main Menu and log into IRIS Fees
  • Click on 'Enquiries | Client Summary'
  • The 'Client WIP / Fees Summary' screen will be displayed. Type in your client ID and then click on the Billing button.
  • The Client Billing decision screen will be displayed.
  • Untick the 'OR date bill as today' and enter the invoice date in the date field. (For example, 01/12/2009.)
  • Untick 'OR Generate Bill reference' and type in a reference in the Ref. Field. (For example, INV1000.)
  • You will see a grid in the middle of the screen with a BILL column and a WRITE OUT column. In the BILL column enter £1000.
  • In the write out enter how you would like to reduce WIP. You have the choice of:
    i. Write out to a date (For example, type 01/02/2009)
    ii. Write out to a value (For example, type 800)
    iii. Write out all (For example, type ALL)
    iv. Write out selected postings (For example, type 'select' and press return. You can then 'cherry pick' your time postings.)
  • In this example, we are going to reduce WIP by £800, so will enter 800 in the WRITE OUT column.
  • Click on the 'Bill now' button

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