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When posting an invoice - "All screens are in use for the Time Ledger"

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When posting an invoice - "All screens are in use for the Time Ledger"
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24th April 2015
When posting an invoice, the message "All screens are in use for the Time Ledger" and then displays with an option to either Retry or to Abandon.
  • Definition/ Meaning of the Message
  • What can be done to get clear the message Definition/Meaning of the message The message displayed means that all Time Ledger licence screens have been taken up, i.e. all licences are in use by other staff members. For example, you have two Time and two Fees licences, two staff members are using Time to either do reports or post Time to clients. You are posting an invoice in Fees Ledger to a client and when you click on the Bill Now button, the above message is displayed. This message is displayed because Fees ledger tries to update the Invoice to Time ledger immediately, which requires a Time ledger screen to complete the update to the clients WIP. To clear the message
  • Retry
  • Abandon Retry If you click on the Retry button, it will try to check whether any IRIS Time licences are available. If there are, then it will process the Invoice through, updating any WIP /Time Matching. If there isn’t a licence available, it will display the same screen again. Clicking on the Retry button will NOT repost the invoice. If you are certain that there is no one logged in Time Ledger and it still displays the message, then you would need to remove the Login
  • Log on to System Maintenance from IRIS Main Menu
  • Click on System | Logins
  • Check to see who is logged into the Time Ledger and you can remove any logins that are no longer valid. Do to this, highlight the “Time Ledger” login and click on the Remove button.
  • Once the logins have been checked, click on the Retry button on the Fees Ledger. Abandon If you click the Abandon button, the invoice will be posted to Fees ledger, but not applied to Time Ledger. It will need to be applied to Time Ledger Manually. To do this:
  • Log on to IRIS Time from the IRIS Main Menu
  • Click on Pending Queue | Update Ledger
  • Ensure the correct periods have been selected
  • Place a tick next to Fees documents
  • Click on the OK button. This will then update the Ledger for the invoice that was posted by you, and any other outstanding invoices that are in the Browse Queue.

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