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Business/Personal/Trust: Tax User has reached License Package Limit or how to Unregister/Archive clients

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Business/Personal/Trust: Tax User has reached License Package Limit or how to Unregister/Archive clients

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11th December 2017


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax, IRIS Trust Tax


IRIS Business/Personal/Trust and P11D: Tax User has reached License Package Limit or how to Unregister/Archive clients


Why unregister/archive client in IRIS Accountancy? You are no longer the accountant for your ex-client and they have moved on, deceased, ceased, etc.

TRUST Tax: If the warning only shows for a certain tax year– before you begin Unregistering (Archive) the Trust clients, please read the Trust rules below and check each clients tax years first which will use up a license. If you unregister clients first then you may need to re-register them again to check for the tax year data.

Accounts Production & Business tax Clients– Unregistering a client in AP/CS will NOT automatically unregister the same client in BT (and vice versa)- if clients need to unregistered for both BT and AP then it has to be done twice. If you run an active client report you may note a difference of client numbers then it is because of this, ID and just archive the relevant clients. If you try and load a client in BT and get a Unsuitable client warning

How to Unregister (Archive) a client in PT, BT and TT:

1.Load the client in Personal/Business tax etc and note down their Client ID (this ID is important in case you need to register/unarchive).

2. Select the Client tab. Status message: Is this person currently a client?

3. Click No. This will Unregister (Archive) your client. They will still be in the system and will free up a license. Do this for each client individually until the message above disappears.

4. If you need to Re-register (Unarchive) a client: Go to Client, Select , Registered in (on top left) and select ‘Whole Practice-all clients’ and find the clients ID etc, and load and if it asks to register say yes.

How many registered/active clients do I actually have?

1.At the very top- Client and then Select

2.Click Generate client list (top right icon but if its not there look to the very bottom of the screen and see a PRINT option there). Tick PT, BT or TT tax option boxes. If you need a Trust report- untick all the Business Type options on the bottom left as well and ensure the trust option under SELECTION tab is also ticked.

Note: If you select ‘No restriction’ option- it lists clients which have already been unregistered/archived.

3.On the Selection tab, you need to tick PT, BT or TT tick boxes, then Run the report. The last page of the report will show a count of how many active clients you have running.

Trust Tax: Still getting the warning even when we are below the Package limit?

For example: you need to enter data for 2023 for 1 client but get the warning – yet you can still access 2021 and 2022 years and you are already below the number of active/registered clients.

If you have a license for 20 Trust Tax clients. This means that you can have 20 Trust client entries in each tax year (For example in 2023 you could have entered data for 20 clients). The Trust license will get utilized any time a client has data entered in a tax year.

The report above ‘How many active clients do I actually have?‘ is not designed to pick up each years data entry which is why it seems you are below your package limit when really you have reached the limit as you had 20 trust tax entries in 2023. This has been raised for a future enhancement to reporting.

So either purchase more Trust licenses to be added


Manually look at each client (also look at archived clients) for 2023 data and you decide which client has to have their years data deleted and free up 1 more space in 2023 (Edit/Delete tax year but depending on your company data policies, eg: keep a copy of the data in case you need to recover it – eg Client/Export and keep copies of Schedules/Tax comp etc).

If in P11D – You need to archive the company: Edit and Business Status, tick NO to unregister from the P11D- note the client data is normally part of BT and PT which feeds into the P11D.

P11D If a client in PT is part of company LTD- Load the company in P11D, Top left, See client ID click the mag glass, ‘View’ the company, Related and involvements, Find the client and put in a TO date in the past OR archive the client in PT.

Using Datamining to create a report: If you need to report on unregistered (archived) clients, it is a option under Forms as a tick box ‘Unregistered clients’ (remember to untick Registered client as it searches for both). The option ‘Ex-Clients’ is a client with a terminated date on there client maintenance screen.


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