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How to post interim invoices?

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How to post interim invoices?

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30th September 2008


IRIS Time and Fees


How to post interim invoices?


  • Introduction
  • Background to interim invoices
  • How to post an interim invoice Introduction This knowledge base article is part of the ‘interim invoicing articles’, which provides assistance for posting and finalising interim invoices: KB IAS-7152 : Introduction to Interim Invoicing KB IAS-6344 : Example of using interim invoicing KB IAS-6928 : How to finalise interim invoices This article will include a background to interim invoices and provide a step by step guide to posting an interim invoice Background to Interim Invoices Invoices can be posted in Time & Fees as interim or final. The difference between an interim invoice and a final invoice is how they affect the clients WIP in the Time Ledger. How to post an Interim Invoice Interim invoices can be posted in the Fees Ledger:
  • From the IRIS main menu, Log on to the Fees Ledger.
  • The IRIS Fees Ledger will be displayed. Click on Enquiries and then select Client Summary from the drop down menu.
  • Type in the client you wish to invoice. For example, A001.
  • Click on the billing button.
  • The Client Billing Decision screen will be displayed. Place a tick next to Interim
  • Ensure that the date and reference of the invoice is as required.
  • In the Grid in the centre of the screen, enter the value of the invoice in the bill column next to the required job. For example, invoice £100 for Accounts work by typing 100 in the Accounts Row and Bill column
  • Click on the bill now button.
  • Select the required Fees period (This will only appear if you have the relevant staff permissions when a period is in reconciliation) Tip: There is a limit of 30 Interim invoices that can be posted to a client. Once this limit is reached if you post another interim it will automatically be posted as a final invoice and your interim invoices will automatically be finalised.

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