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IRIS Company Formations

Can I form companies in Company Formations with more than one share type?

Companies House currently only allow companies to be formed electronically if the share capital has one share class. If there…


Update Failure - Login failed for user '<><>$'

Following the steps below may help to resolve the issue. IMPORTANT: Serious problems might occur if you modify the SQL…


IRIS Business Tax

Interest received for a partnership

Users are required to: 1. Log on to Business Tax and select the client. 2. From the Trades menu, select…


IRIS Charity Formats

Where to post Unrealised Gains and Losses for Statement of Financial Activities?

Unrealised Gains and Losses appear on both the Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA)and the Movement in Funds note therefore postings…


IRIS Charity Formats

How do I post a transfer between Funds?

A transfer between Funds will always need two entries per Fund. One within the transfer codes of 968/11-30 and the…


IRIS Charity Formats

Why do Governance costs show under Support costs for Charity accounts on SOFA?

Governance costs will now show under the Support Costs section in the notes to the accounts. The charts of accounts…


IRIS Time and Fees

Reconciling in IRIS Time and IRIS Fees

Reconciliation takes place at regular intervals, typically once a month. This is to check that all the information has been…


IRIS Charity Formats

Why must an Activity be selected when posting to some accounts?

Within the Charity Chart of Accounts specified groups (groups 26 and 101) must have an 'Activity' selected when posting. These…


IRIS Charity Formats

Where do I enter the Charities Registered Number?

Select: Client | View | Select Tax Tab | Enter in Charity Number


Does IRIS provide a Service to migrate my software to a new PC or Server?

Yes, we have remote services available, whether you have a standalone or network installation of IRIS. This is a chargeable…