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IRIS Accounts Production

Can I turn off the credit/debit validation?

To turn off the debit/credit validation per batch of postings from within the posting screen, For one client, within the posting screen: Batch Control |…


IRIS Accounts Production

Stock in Management Accounts, netting off against sales or purchases.

You will only need to follow part (a) the first time you use this fact sheet. After that the new document type will be available…


IRIS Accounts Production

Cash Flow Statement - Enhanced Charts

Step 1) Debtor Balances Trade debtor balances are automatically calculated by IRIS. Complete the Analysis of Debtors data screen to allocate account balances within "Other…


IRIS Practice Management

How to log reports for confidential clients

This is a feature of report logging for confidential clients to help prevent people accessing sensitive information that they have no permission to see. To…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to I remove the Private Income & Personal Expenses from Doctors accounts?

Users are required to set the following alias, Select: Edit | Report Aliases To remove Private Income - Enter 'D11' in the Standard box and…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I REMOVE the Balance Sheet and Capital Accounts Note from the PSA report?

Users are required to: Select: Edit | Report Aliases Set aliases BL3 = $OO( in the Standard box) and CC2 = $OO (O as in…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to I change the fixed asset table to show Net Book Value?

Users are required to set the following alias, Select, Edit | Report Aliases - Enter 'MS1' in the Standard box and 'MT1' in the Client…


IRIS Accounts Production

"Undertaking not found in group file" when selecting a Subsidiary.

This is due to an INCORRECT "From Date" or "To Date" in the Undertaking Status. Select, Edit | Undertakings Whilst in a Group Client, highlight…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to use Data Screen Defaults

Data Screen Defaults can be applied by the Master user via Setup | Data Screen Defaults The default values for the above different levels can…


Where can I find the Client Checklist?

The Client Checklist is a simple document that can be used to gather and record information on a client. The Client Checklist is located in…