How long can I postpone an employee for?

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How long can I postpone an employee for?
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17th October 2014
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How long can I postpone an employee for?


How long can I postpone an employee?

You can postpone an employee for up to 3 calendar months.

Can I postpone an employee more than once?

Yes.  You can apply postponement to an eligible jobholder multiple times, providing there is a break in the Postponement Period.  This means on the Deferral Date, if an employee is classed as a non-eligible jobholder or entitled worker, you can apply postponement again to the employee when they next meet the criteria for an eligible jobholder.

If however, on the deferral date the employee is assessed as an eligible jobholder they must be enrolled. 

Applying postponement in this way for non-eligible jobholders and entitled workers will cover a spike in earnings, such as a bonus paid at Christmas.  For an example of using postponement multiple times, see the Pension Guide.

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