The rise of the cloud [Free guide to cloud computing]

By Matthew Thompson | 12th November 2013 | 7 min read

The popularity of cloud based solutions has sky rocketed in recent years and is continuing to rise, without showing signs of slowing down any time soon. To help you better understand the concept of cloud computing and whether cloud payroll is the best option for your business, we have produced a new guide.

Technology is changing at such a fast pace, businesses need to be able to adapt in order to keep up with changing trends and new requirements.

It is no longer the norm for people to simply work 9 to 5 from one single location. More and more people are working in the field, perhaps only visiting their office once or twice a month. An increasing number of companies are also now allowing their employees to work from home.

There is also a constant emphasis for businesses to introduce “green initiatives” and try to reduce their “carbon footprint” by considering the environmental impact of their activities.

All of these factors have helped contribute to the rise in popularity of cloud software solutions in recent years. 

  • 75% of businesses are now using at least one cloud based solution (North Bridge & GigaOM, 2013)
  • Cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) seems to be the most popular choice, with 63% of businesses using this solution (North Bridge & GigaOM, 2013)
  • By 2016, 60% of business workloads globally will be on the cloud (Cisco, 2012)
  • By 2015 traffic through the cloud will have increased 12 times cmpared to 2010 (Cisco, 2012)
  • The global cloud market is predicted to grow by $148.8bn by 2014 (Gartner, 2012)
  • 13.8 million jobs will have been created by the cloud in 2015 (IDC, 2013)
  • The growth of cloud computing is over four times the projected growth of the worldwide IT market as a whole (IDC, 2013)
  • 74% of accountants want to introduce cloud software to their firm of practice in the next 5 years, with 45% wanting it in the next 2 years (IRIS, 2013)
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